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License Plate

Quality standards

Our marks correspond to the highest quality standards. you will be produced in Germany and embossed. The wish indicators are legally standardized Euro mark and meet all requirements for use in German road traffic. The manufacture is certified by DEKRA. Our Quality guarantee also protects you against damage to your license plates.

Individual embossing

Once you have placed your order, the license plates will appear with your individual embossing produced and shipped. The embossing will automated made and double checkedso that you can have your personal license plate number as quickly as possible receive.

Standard size

Our license plates have the standard size Dimensions 520mm x 110mm x 1mm on. This size will at every German registration office accepted. On request, we can also deliver license plates in special sizes, although this must be clarified with the registration office on site.

Requirements for the characters of the desired license plate

The standard size of the German license plates allows up to a maximum of 8 characters. Depending on the length of the place code, your desired combination can also consist of a maximum of 2 letters and a maximum of 4 numbers.