How should you choose your software development partner


What does it cost to have an app developed - it is a subjective question. What are your requirements for your app? What should the user be able to do in the app? Which devices should the software run on? Which operating systems are covered? Android, iOS, Web? In what quality should it be developed? (Prototype or a turnkey solution?)

The cost of app development varies and depends on various aspects. But anyway, let's take a look at the common and most important factors influencing software costs.

1. Software size

When approaching an app developer, you should have defined your requirements as precisely as possible beforehand. Determining software size will tell us about software value and, therefore, contributing to cost.

The software development cost is directly proportional to the size of the software and its user base. Its size depends on the number of screens and user base (small app = 10-25 feature pages, medium app = 25-40, large app => 40)

2. Complexity

We can split this term into three categories.

  • Functionality complexity
  • Complexity of IT technologies

First we think about what we want to achieve with the app. Think carefully about which core functions are absolutely necessary. Then we look which functions are absolutely necessary for this and which other functions are more "it would be nice".

A precise description of all functions can be very helpful in estimating the effort. Note that the costs can quickly skyrocket with useless or overly complex functions.

3. UI / UX design

A factor that should not be neglected in development is the cost of UI / UX design. The appealing design and the intuitive UX contribute enormously to the success of your future app. When creating it, it is an advantage if the development partner can also cover these tasks directly.

It is important to determine from the start what is the role of design? Would you like to have a simple user interface created using design templates or a personalized design?

The cost of creating a good design also depends on the number of screens.

4th team

Each IT project team usually consists of 5 specialists: