What's your favorite thing about your hometown

Danilo Petrucci's podium of perfection

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A hike in the mountains, a slice of pizza and a swim in the pool, accompanied by a soundtrack by Queen - this is a perfect day for Danilo.
Your three favorite things at home?
    On which three tracks that are not in the program should races take place?
    1. Spa Francorchamps - I would love to try Spa because the track looks great. Unfortunately, it's too dangerous for MotoGP.
    2. Laguna Seca - I can remember this route well, but it is very difficult and it didn't go as I would have liked. So I'd like to try again.
    3. Donington Park - I competed in the Superstock series there in 2009, but MotoGP races are no longer held there.
    The three best dishes are ...?
    What are the top three songs that you like to listen to before the start?
    1. “Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen
    2. “Lovers in Japan” by Coldplay
    I only recently started listening to music on the starting grid and am therefore still in the process of putting together my playlists - but fundamentally very rhythmic music helps me best to stay focused and motivated.
    I only recently started listening to music on the starting grid.
    The three most popular places in your hometown to hang out?
    1. My parents' house - when I am back in Terni, I prefer to be at home with my parents.
    2. Downtown - There is a lot to discover in the city.
    3. The mountains - I love to be surrounded by nature, so I like to go on mountain tours when there is enough time.
    What have been the best three races of your career so far?
    1. Mugello 2019 - My first win. And then also for Ducati in Italy - a dream.
    2. Assen 2017 - I had a chance to win, but had to pass a lapped driver on the last lap. So it was Valentino's last victory (so far) instead of my first. But it was a great duel with Vale right up to the last chicane and very cool to be on the podium in Holland.
    3. Mugello 2017 - My first podium in Italy after a very good fight with Andrea Dovizioso, Maverick Viñales and Valentino Rossi. It's a great feeling to be in the top three for the first time in Italy.
    Who are your three biggest sports heroes of all time outside of MotoGP?
    1. Muhammad Ali - He was so focused and stood up for his beliefs with tremendous courage to change his religion and fight for civil rights at a difficult time in US history.
    2. Michael Jordan - He changed basketball forever, raised the bar for all athletes, won tons of NBA titles and started his own line of sporting goods.
    3. Diego Maradona - a genius. He played football like no other, and without really training. Everything seemed natural to him.