How did you change your life

Changing lives: 5 steps to a new life

Do you want to change your life? Then you are exactly right here.

In this article, you'll learn 5 ways that you can really change your life. Or even start a new life if that's what you want.

But first, let's clear up one important thing.

Sometimes change is the only solution

A few years ago I realized that I had to change my life.

I was in an unhealthy relationship. I was studying something I didn't enjoy as much as going to the dentist. And I was generally dissatisfied with my life ...

But then the question came: “How do I actually change my life?”.

You have probably already tried to change something in your life. And noticed how damn hard it is.

How satisfied and happy we are with our life depends heavily on how well we can let go, what we value in life and through which eyes we see the world.

But sometimes we find ourselves in a dead end in life and it doesn't help anymore to keep talking things nicely.

Persistent dissatisfaction is a reliable indicator that something is not going well in our life.

Don't get me wrong here.

Almost everyone of us experiences ups and downs in life or has a bad day - for example, when we notice after getting up that we have run out of coffee.

Small crises and bad days are part of life like empty promises are part of politics.

In these life situations, it's best to just give a damn about all the nonsense and move on.

Better days will come!


Persistent dissatisfaction: a clear sign of a life change

However, if you are permanently and long-term dissatisfied, this is a clear sign that it is time for a change in life.

It may even be time to start a new life.

Here are a few clear signs that you need a life change:

  • You are dissatisfied with your relationship or you are fed up with being single.
  • Your boring job robs you of all life energy.
  • Your life consists only of routine.
  • You are generally dissatisfied without knowing why.
  • You have developed unhealthy habits.
  • Often times you cannot fall asleep in the evening.
  • You are dissatisfied with your exterior.

If you are not sure if you should change something in your life: be sure to watch this video. This will give you new clarity:

Now let's quickly see what is holding you back from changing something in your life.

What is stopping you from changing your life

Many people want to change something in their life.

You want to:

  • Do more sport and eat healthier.
  • To earn more money.
  • Start your own business.
  • Think more positively.
  • Watch less television.
  • Worry less.
  • Get up earlier.
  • Finally a couple of scenes Fifty Shades of Gray try it out at home.

Most people only dream about it, however, because they don't change anything.

Big changes are good for people, according to one study. On average, they feel happier after six months than before the change. (Here you can find an article from the world on the subject)

But although we want changes and they are good for us, we resist.

This is because we are creatures of habit and change always implies a certain danger.

If you want to change your life, you have to let go of the old and go into the uncertainty of the new. And that's scary.

For this reason, many people prefer dissatisfaction to insecurity. In other words, they are simply too cowardly to change anything.

Maybe their relationship is shitty or their job is as boring as a documentary soap from RTL. But they don't know what will happen if they end the relationship or quit their job.

And that's exactly why they don't change anything.

Fear of change

Often people are afraid of change. That is why they only act when they have to. So you only change something in your life when the pain is so great and unbearable that there is no longer any alternative.

  • Many people only leave their partner when living together becomes unbearable.
  • People who are overweight often only lose weight permanently after experiencing bitter disappointments in life because of their weight.
  • Most workaholics do not change their lives until after they burn out.

That is also the reason why most people do not manage to change anything in their life permanently. They simply lack the necessary pain.

Your life is not going as you would like it to be, but it doesn't really suck either.

So you are not completely satisfied with your life, but you are also not dissatisfied enough to change anything. And so a large part of society works on autopilot and rarely questions what they are doing with their lives.

Often we only change our life when there is no longer any alternative.

At that time I only dropped out of my studies and only ended my relationship when I was really dirty. It was a kind of emergency brake.

But your life doesn't have to go down the drain before you change something. Pain is a powerful driver for change. But it works without him.

But these are by no means the only reasons that keep us from making changes. There are a few other change killers out there too.

Change killer

If you want to eat healthier, it has more to do with self-discipline and habits than with fear or insecurity.

Here are other reasons that keep you from changing:

  • Lack of self motivation.
  • You're working on autopilot.
  • You are sabotaging yourself.
  • Lack of self-confidence.
  • Bad habits.
  • The wrong environment.
  • Wrong information.
  • Self-sabotage

To be honest, making life changes is seldom easy. No matter in which area of ​​life.

So let's get to the tips now.

5 Effective Strategies To Change Your Life

If you want, you can also watch the strategies as a video:

1. Get active now

I consider this point to be the most important. I don't know anyone who is successful, who has achieved his goals and who has changed something in his life without doing something massive.

When we think about changing our life, we often postpone it until the future.

Today we only dream of what it will be like when we have changed something. However, we are postponing the time to finally begin until next week or the beginning of the next month.

I hardly have to explain to you that this doesn't work. Or should I ask you about your New Year's resolutions at the end of January?

Start now!

No matter what you want to change in your life, start now. Finish reading the article, then get to work.

Even if it doesn't seem like it at first glance, you can take the first small steps now.

For example, if you want to go on a big trip next year, you can start planning the trip now.

  • You can think about which countries you want to visit.
  • You can pick out the best sights.
  • You can think about how much money you will need for the trip and start saving now.

Remember, changes won't happen tomorrow, next week, or January 1st - they will happen now.

2. Strive for more

That point is a double-edged sword. A lot of dissatisfaction and suffering arises because we always want more and are never satisfied, no matter what we achieve.

On the other hand, we do not change anything in our life if we come to terms with our current situation.

So how does the balancing act between acceptance and change?

By accepting the current situation and being satisfied with it, but working on the areas that you want to change.

Maybe you have a great social life and do a lot of sports, but financially you are worse off than Greece. Instead of being dissatisfied because you have little money, be happy that you have good friends and are in good shape. And then do something to change your financial situation.

3. Habits

Probably the surest way to change your life permanently is to change your habits.

Granted, that doesn't only sound boring, it is.

But that doesn't change the fact that habits have a huge impact on your life.

  • If you exercise regularly and eat healthily, sooner or later you will look good naked.
  • If you meditate daily and pay attention to your thoughts, you will become more relaxed inside.
  • If you work on your social skills regularly, at some point you'll be as charming and eloquent as one of those Oscar-winning Hollywood actors - or at least almost as well.
  • If you face your fears on a regular basis, you will become more confident.

force of habit

There are some things that are important to me and that do me good.

These are things like exercise, healthy eating, meditation, and writing. I couldn't do these things regularly if they weren't a habit.

When I get up in the morning, I meditate for a quarter of an hour and then sit down at my computer and write. However, I don't think about whether I feel like it or not. I just do it because it's a habit. It is similar with a healthy diet and exercise.

The thing is simple. If you work on your goals regularly, you will very likely achieve them.

I write “very likely” because there are no guarantees in life.

Here is an article on 5 good habits to change your life.

4. No plan B

Some changes are so uncomfortable or so frightening that we only tackle them when we can no longer see an alternative.

By eliminating our alternatives, we are forced to finally attack the change. This is a radical step but it works extremely well.

When I dropped out of my studies, I didn't have a plan B. Back then, this pressure helped me to work on my own business even when I had no motivation, was tired or my friends spent the weekend in the park having a barbecue and drinking beer.

When I was working on my own business, I didn't have a plan B.

For example, if you want to move, give notice of your apartment now. If you give three months' notice, you still have enough time to find a new place to stay.

This step will finally get your bum up and start looking for a new apartment instead of just talking about it all the time.

5. Be clever

Often we try to change our lives through sheer willpower. However, this rarely works because our willpower is limited. Because of this, you should be smart.

  • If you want to do more sport, then choose an activity that you also enjoy. Perhaps you will also find a training partner and you will motivate each other.
  • If you have decided to go without coffee, then start on a weekend or a vacation week so that you can sleep in the first few days or take a nap in the afternoon.
  • If you want to face your fears, choose small challenges that do not overwhelm you and rob you of all courage (more on this in this article.)

Prepare for the planned change and do everything in your power in advance to make the change easier.

Life changes: you just have to make one decision

When I dropped out of my studies to start my own blog with this blog, the fear of failure almost consumed me.

That almost everyone in my environment advised me not to take this step and that at that time there weren't many German-speaking bloggers who could make a living from writing didn't make things any easier.

But I decided then that my goal is more important to me. Instead of just dreaming about my idea, I tackled the matter.

At some point I decided that my dream was more important than my fear.

I don't want to play the superhero here. I don't consider myself particularly brave or anything better.

Nothing I have achieved or done in my life is absolutely extraordinary, let alone unique.

Still, I managed to change my life and achieve many of the goals I set for myself.

And the basis for this has always been the same: I've decided that these things are more important to me than my excuses, concerns and fears.

If you want to permanently change something in your life, you have to make an important decision. You have to decide that there is something that is more important to you than all of the nonsense that is holding you back from changing.

Yeah, it's that simple.

  • Do you want to find a fulfilling job, but the fear of failure is holding you back? Then a fulfilling job is not important enough to you.
  • You want to lose weight, but bell pepper chips, beer and ice cream are just too delicious and exercise is too strenuous for you? Then losing weight is not important enough for you.
  • Are you fed up with the single life, but don't dare to meet new people or to show your interest directly? Then finding a partner is not important enough for you.

People don't change their lives until at some point they decide that change is more important to them than all the bullshit that keeps them from doing it.

Is it time you made that decision too?

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