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Information about the Spanish courses for medical professionals can be found at Clinic - Spanish B1.1: Specialized language human medicine

The Medilingua English courses can unfortunately NOT be offered in the summer semester 2021 and winter semester 2021/22!

"medilingua.lmu.deĀ® - English for medical purposes" is an English language training for medical students who want to prepare specifically for a stay abroad. The Intensive course follows the concept of blended learning: It consists of three face-to-face days (Saturdays) and online phases in between. The home or online work has at least the same scope as the effort required on the attendance days. The topics covered include medical communication, specialist medical terms, application training and the processing of medical cases online. The three days of attendance are targeted communicative and intercultural skills trained and not primarily taught technical terminology or English grammar. This course is only offered as an elective in the 1st and 2nd section of human medicine:

  • 1st stage of study: "Medilingua Preclinical - English B2.1: Specialized Language Human Medicine"
  • 2nd stage of study: "Medilingua Klinik - English B2.1: Specialized language human medicine"
    (The course differs from "Medilingua Preclinical" mainly in the more medically demanding content.)

1. Target audience

The course program is aimed exclusively at Human medicine students at the LMU Munich, the A Elective must complete as part of their medical studies. Not Eligible are: Students of dentistry and veterinary medicine or students who want to take the course voluntarily (= not as an optional subject).
Students of the Technical University of Munich cannot take part, as they can use their own language center offer.

2. Course dates and registration

The registration takes place exclusively via the medical curriculum Munich (MeCuM). There you will also find the current course dates. One preclinical and one clinical course are offered per semester.

Unfortunately, the Medilingua English courses cannot be offered in the summer semester 2021!

3. Prerequisites for participation: Very good knowledge of English

Please note that your English must be of a high level (at least B2 GER) in order to successfully participate in the course.

4. Absences

You must not be absent from any meeting. Due to its intensive nature, individual sessions cannot be made up for in other courses / semesters.

5. Exam

The Examination performance is composed:

  • active participation (verbally and in writing)
  • (Group) project work or one (or more) written examination (s)

Your grade you can find out about your grade overview online. We do not provide any information by email or telephone.

6. Further information

Information on dates and registration:

Medical curriculum Munich (MeCuM):

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