What is cybersecurity online training

Online training according to your schedule.

With short and understandable videos, we prepare your employees for everything to do with cybersecurity and data protection. Knowledge tests and certificates round off the program.

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Online training for companies

We sensitize your employees to the dangers of the internet. In this way, they actively contribute to the digital security of your company.


Flexible learning made easy.

This includes our online training for your company:

  • Online videos: Simple, understandable and compact - information on legal requirements and security risks with specific recommendations for action

  • Knowledge test with final certificate: The certificate is proof of employee training within the meaning of the GDPR.

  • Flexible invitation management: Getting better together - invite your employees and colleagues!

Training video preview

Our videos on cybersecurity

In our online training we cover all the important topics relating to the digital security of your company:

  1. What is cybersecurity?
  2. Six common cybersecurity mistakes
  3. Detecting and reporting a cyber attack
  4. Is your password safe?
  5. The first aid kit: contain a cyber attack
  6. Email authenticity check
  7. What is spear phishing and how do you protect yourself from it?
  8. Safe mobile working
  9. Safe web surfing
Our videos on the topic privacy

In our online training we answer the most important questions about data protection in companies:

  1. Data protection in focus
  2. Data protection understandable - not only for lawyers
  3. What does what mean in data protection?
  4. Data protection in your company
  5. Information security
  6. Who is the right contact for what?
  7. What rights do your customers have?
  8. What to do in an emergency and what comes next
    to your company in the event of violations?
Our videos on the topic Phishing

The new e-learning series on phishing is the perfect addition to our phishing training. In this way, learning and sensitization become a holistic awareness concept.

  1. Interesting links
  2. Familiar links
  3. Act out of fear
  4. Is your password safe?
  5. Hacked friends
  6. Dangerous attachments
  7. How can you protect yourself?
  8. Spyware
  9. Ransomware
  10. Computer viruses and worms
  11. Characteristics of phishing messages

We take care of your cybersecurity, you take care of your business.

We enable your employees to actively contribute to the cybersecurity of your company.

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