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13 things you should never do in Hawaii

Hardly any other place is more casual, relaxed and tolerant than Hawaii. Hang loose is not just a household word in the 50th US state, but actually the mentality in Hawaii. Hawaiians are known for not taking themselves too seriously, but there are some things that are actually very important here. For example, the cultural heritage of Hawaii is unique and worth protecting - the same applies to the wonderful nature of the Hawaiian islands. On a Hawaii vacation there are therefore some things that are better not to do - these include (unintentional) cultural missteps as well as behaviors that affect your own safety.

NO-GO! 13 things you should never do on your Hawaii vacation

1. Please do not confuse them
Hawaii is the 50th state in the USA and is not a separate country. So if you are talking about the United States of America in Hawaii, you should realize that the Hawaiian Islands are part of it.

2. No stress
You know it: You come out of everyday work stressed and end up almost as stressed after a 24-hour flight at your holiday destination. At the latest now, however, mental calm should return, because stress, hectic rush and anger are probably the biggest no-gos in Hawaii. The same goes for rude behavior, by the way.

3. Forget sun protection
It should actually be a matter of course, but many holidaymakers actually forget to apply lotion before the beach day. The solar radiation over the Pacific is extremely high, which of course also applies to Hawaii.

4. Use the wrong sun protection
Very important: Please pay attention to coral-friendly sun protection so as not to endanger the sensitive flora and fauna underwater. Hawaii recently banned certain sunscreens that harm coral reefs. This includes all creams with the ingredients octinoxate and oxybenzone.

5. Swimming alone
Again, this is a rule for your own safety. There are strong currents off Hawaii and shark attacks are not uncommon. The rule of thumb should therefore be: never bathe in the water alone and only on beaches that are under the supervision of lifeguards.

6. Stroke rare animals
Hawaii is home to some rare and endangered animal species. These include, for example, the Hawaiian monk seal and the green sea turtle. Both animals like to move around and in front of the beaches of Hawaii - but as cute as they look, you shouldn't stroke them or play with them. The same applies, of course, to all other wild animals - it is allowed to look but not to touch.

7. Not respecting Hawaiian culture
Don't make the mistake of thinking that Hawaiian culture is made up of pineapple pizza, Hawaiian shirts, and Elvis Presley playing a ukulele. Hawaii's culture and history are diverse and extremely interesting, so check out a few of the museums.

8. Miss the sights
Hawaii, especially Oahu, is full of exciting sights. The Iolani Palace in Honolulu is particularly interesting - the former royal palace is the only royal building in the USA and offers a highly interesting insight into the history of the Hawaiian royal dynasty. An overview of all the sights in Hawaii can be found in our mini-guide Hawaii.

View of Honolulu

9. Don't go hiking
Sure, Hawaii is known for its breathtaking beaches, but please don't make the mistake of spending your entire vacation on the beach. A hike through the backcountry is an absolute must on a Hawaii vacation, whether you are on Oahu, Maui, Kauai or the Big Island.

10. Do not shut off
Hawaii is considered to be one of the safest states in the USA, but theft and break-ins are not uncommon. So always lock your hotel room, holiday apartment or rental car and, if possible, only park in guarded parking spaces.

11. Book all inclusive
It is worth stepping out of the hotel every now and then, for example to try delicious Hawaiian street food.

12. Disregard warning signs
Warning signs are there for a reason: For example, they are on dangerous beaches or hiking trails and should be strictly observed, even if the environment looks safe and harmless at first glance.

13. Disregard the speed limit
People in Hawaii are very sensitive to speeders, not only because many of the roads are very narrow, but also because they endanger nature. In order to avoid severe penalties, drivers should definitely adhere to the speed limits!

N / A? It's not that bad, is it? If you follow these few rules of conduct for Hawaii, nothing stands in the way of your dream trip to the islands!

Photos: Aloha, sun cream, diamond head & danger sign public domain via pixabay, monk seal by N3kt0n CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikipedia;

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