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Construction director presents planned civil engineering projects for 2017

Theisseil. The remainder of the expansion of the NEW 24 from Pressath to Wollau can begin, the land negotiations were successful. Construction director Gerhard Kederer presented the civil engineering projects planned for 2017 to the CSU district parliamentary group. It is difficult to draw up a list of priorities for road and cycle path construction.

From Gerald Morgenstern

The land acquisition problems during the construction of the district road from Wollau to Pressath have been resolved. The expansion of the last section of the NEW 24 can begin in 2017. Photo: G. Morgenstern

Roads are important for the infrastructure of the district, but the focus of investments in 2017 is on building construction, said the parliamentary group chairman Stephan Oetzinger at the meeting in the "Sparrerwirt". A concept for planning road and cycle path construction is to be drawn up across the parliamentary groups for the future. District administrator saw that this was not easy Andreas Meier in after the discussion with the CSU district councils.

Criteria such as traffic load, condition, focus of the accident, planning, land acquisition, financial expenditure, etc. would have to be used in the assessment. Building director Keder added another consideration to whether it would be more economical to repair roads or bridges, or to build a new or complete extension in the long run. Gaps should be closed in the cycle paths. The district's already well-installed cycle path network has to be coordinated with the national cycle paths, and it is often difficult to acquire land when it comes to cycle path construction.

Construction director Gerhard Kederer from the road construction department of the State Building Authority presented the road construction measures in 2017 to the CSU district councils.

NEW24 could be ready in winter

During the 2017 measures Gerhard Kederer from the road construction department of the State Building Authority, the completion of the NEW 33 from Hagendorf to Miesbrunn. The curve straightening at the Voith company and at the Wittmann agricultural property are under construction. From March the city of Pleystein will be involved in the construction of a water pipeline and the roadway will be expanded to a width of six meters. At the height of the gas line underpass, the width is adapted to the protective pipe. 2.33 million euros are earmarked for the 2.2-kilometer route in the district budget.

The CSU district councils were also happy and satisfied that the land acquisition problems for the remainder of the NEW 24 could be resolved in January. The compensation areas for the 1.3 kilometer long county road from Pressath to Wollau have also been named and the approval of the lower nature conservation authority has been given. After a successful tender, Kederer sees the start of construction in the summer as realistic. The construction is to take place under full closure, which could end before winter with the completion of the base course. The chapter of NEW 24 would be completed with the last section of the district road from Parkstein via Eichelberg and Altendorf, which cost around 1.3 million euros.