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"Riverdale": (SPOILER) is pregnant!

"Riverdale" surprised in the 6th episode with a twist that many had not expected. In the most recent episode, an unexpected pregnancy caused the greatest shock.

There has been speculation in fan circles for several weeks, but the truth was only brought to light in the 6th episode "Riverdale". The US series, which is broadcast on Netflix in this country, had an unexpected twist in the last episode. Betty (Lili Reinhart) went to look for her sister Polly (Tiera Skovbye) together with Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse). The two quickly found out that Polly was being placed in a home for difficult girls. But it was only on site that revealed the sweet secret that may have caused Polly to stay in the home: She is pregnant!

The crime scene is destroyed

The unborn child comes from Jason (Trevor Stines), who apparently knew about the pregnancy. As Polly revealed, both had planned their escape for a long time. Jason has already hidden a car with belongings nearby. Polly and Jughead finally found that too, but the two were apparently discovered when they were found. Because when the sheriff came to the secret meeting point, the car was already blazing. This means that all evidence of the alleged crime scene is destroyed.

What does Polly have to do with it?

But who is behind it? Could it even have been Polly in the end? Because after she found out that Jason was dead, she kept nothing in the home. In the final minutes of the episode, Polly took the dramatic escape through the window - despite her condition! Fan forums like Reddit are already puzzling over who set the car on fire. Polly is considered a possible suspect, but since she not only looks very pregnant, but also very confused, many "Riverdale" viewers are convinced that it was not her. Especially since she was still in the home when the unknown figure watched Betty and Jughead. But who else could know where the car is? Who do you think it was? Hal Cooper?

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