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Wild peeing: When urgency becomes expensive


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Fines for peeing wild

Urinating in publicWarning or fine between 35 and 5000 euros
Urinating in public (especially severe cases)Fine or up to 1 year imprisonment

Urinating In Public: A Brief Definition

Wild peeing is not uncommon: Whether at festivals, fairs or simply in an unknown area. It is often the case that there are either no toilets at all or far too few.

Especially with men, the thought quickly arises that a long wait is not worth it - a tree or a bushes are mostly to be found in the vicinity. But who is there Caught will, as a rule, must reach deep into your pocket!

Urinating in public, or “peeing outside”, in short, means that People relieve themselves outdoors. Whether these people pee in the forest or just behind a bush on the roadside is irrelevant, because urinating in public, is not allowed in Germany. Read more about this in this guide!

FAQ: Peeing in the wild

Is wild peeing prohibited in Germany?

Yes, anyone who relieves themselves in public usually commits an administrative offense.

How high is the fine for peeing in the wild?

Each municipality or city can determine the fine for public urination. Depending on the region, the monetary sanction is between 35 and 5,000 euros.

Can urinating in public also be considered a criminal offense?

Yes, under certain circumstances, peeing in the wild can be an offense of "causing public nuisance". The legislature provides for a prison sentence of up to one year or a fine.

You can find more information about the rules for different events here:

Count often especially men as Wild pissers, because, as is well known, this action is much easier for the male sex without an existing toilet. But women too have more and more often no shamethat they might be seen urinating in public.

Especially after a party where a lot of alcohol was consumed, the way home is often used as an oversized toilet.

But what if there is a Passers-by significantly disturbed feels of it? Can pee wild a Result in penalty to have? The next section will explain this to you.

Outdoor peeing: what is the penalty?

With some almost unrestrained behavior, it even happens more often children Not on Sight of people over that that "Wild urinating" consider correct.

In the Legal language can the wild pee as so-called "Excitement of public nuisance" apply what according to the German Criminal Code (StGB) can have a not inconsiderable consequence.

Usually one is Fine provided, but in particularly severe cases The fine for peeing wild can quickly even become one Up to one year imprisonment develop. Especially when children are exposed to the sight, feel parents often significantly disturbed and report the wild pee to the police.

So it says Paragraph 183a of the Criminal Code The following about the Wild pee:

Anyone who publicly engages in sexual acts and thereby deliberately or knowingly causes a nuisance is punished with imprisonment for up to one year or with a fine if the act is not punishable in Section 183.

It quickly becomes clear that this action hard consequences can have and it don't necessarily stick to a fine must when it comes to urinating in public.

Further information on criminal offenses can be found on the following pages:

Public urination as an administrative offense: costs

But if you are lucky, you just threaten fine for an administrative offense. How high is that set exactly, regulates each region independently. Especially strict cities even impose for it up to 5000 euros fine. Some sample cities are Erfurt, Hanover or Stuttgartwhere a hefty fine is required for peeing in the wild.

It should also be noted where the pee took place in the "outdoor area". For example that pulls Urinating in the forest or behind a tree in the park mostly just one Warning or fine after himself, because the culprit may show understanding and the officers show understanding for the emergency. As a rule, there is a wild pee in this case Fine of around 35 euros. However, peeing in the wild can also result in much higher costs.


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  1. "Wild pee"
    I hope that everyone who supported this inhuman decision will come to the old age when the prostate can no longer take part, and that they really piss on their pants, through no fault of their own.
    Of course everyone should behave in such a way that not everyone is watching. So almost every older man can no longer even venture into the forest, where there really is no toilet waiting for him.

  2. Have you ever been pregnant? How should hours of hiking in nature work? That just happens when some bureaucrats who live far from reality help to develop some laws. . .

  3. Sorry if I have to get upset about the comments here, but I've been partying several times, I'm currently pregnant with twins, but I've never just gone anywhere.
    Why am I upset right now?
    In D… it's carnival right now, we're building, the gentlemen and also some women are using our freshly bricked brick and the not yet completed garage to “piss on and off”. Sorry for the choice of words, but the police stand by and just watch as we have to mess with mobbing carnivalists. There would be no time for such cases at Carnival.
    The laws are probably overridden at this “5th season”. Ads are only ridiculed. I'm on 180 and nobody wants to see the dark side of Carnival. We are required to barricade ourselves behind construction fences every year. Entering third-party property is generally not permitted. If someone walks across the property to take a shortcut, etc., no problem, but if there are couples who want to have their love game in our garage, then you definitely get one too many. Do I have to go to the toilet? Do I go earlier at such an event so as not to have to stand in line at the last second.
    The D ... Council talks the carnival nicely, because the organization is a total disaster.
    The removals and cars are nice, before and afterwards completely unorganized. A toilet wagon where the move dissolves, far too little. The council and the police feel responsible for nothing at carnival, you feel ripped off. So the catalog of fines for public urination is definitely useful and appropriate for events, only a shame if it is not taken into account.

    • who defines peeing as a sexual act please? completely idiotic interpretation and I would not be surprised if it is not legally correct ... if it is bad (carnival - big festivals) it will not be enforced, if it does not bother any sow and the cops have nothing to do it will be punished ... which is by the way with children? do they have to piss their pants so dad doesn't risk a fine?

      • Showing genitals is already a sexual act. I don't feel like looking at someone else's genitals while walking in the woods or in the park. Because most of the “wild pinks” do not hide and pay no attention to the fact that someone can see them (even children!)

        • The mere showing of genitals is by no means a sexual act, at most an exhibitionistic one. And whether it is understood as such depends on the purpose for which it is done.

          And if you don't want to see something, it always helps to “look away”. Works perfectly for most of them when someone in need is somewhere. But you can't be so indignant about them.

  4. @Natascha K. I totally understand you! That is really annoying. This is exactly what the law is intended for!

    Nevertheless, I do not understand that watering in the forest, away from spectators, should still be punished. Public toilets are closed everywhere and some people cannot “go earlier” - for health reasons. My father-in-law had to take water tablets at the time. This then gives you the famous sextan bubble. He always made sure that he had enough toilets on his way somewhere. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work (vandalism does not play an insignificant role here). But it would not have occurred to him either to relieve himself against a house wall or on a construction site.

  5. So I think that's too high. I am in the forest with friends so often and it is not uncommon for us to relieve ourselves collectively on the roadside. I think that's okay in nature.

  6. I just got a letter where I peed against a tree but in the letter the tree turned into a power box and my apology to the officials turned into a statement “yes, and it's normal to pee wildly”
    And for such a crap I have to pay € 128.50!

  7. Stupid question, or actually not. Does this also apply to children? Of course you should go to the toilet, but unfortunately there is not always one when you need it, and unfortunately small children cannot hold it that way. To my question, do you have to pay the fine for children too?

    • Hello Natascha,

      Children up to the age of 14 are absolutely under the age of criminal responsibility - if at all, the legal guardians pay. As a rule, these fines are more likely to be imposed on adults.

      The bussgeldkatalog.org team

  8. And how do you behave when you see it often from the same person? 2-3 times within a month. I also know the person who has no health problems and there is a toilet about 50 meters away. Find it totally disgusting.

  9. As an old man with a large prostate and without a car, I feel tortured

    when I have nowhere to relieve myself on the way.

    In extreme cases, this undifferentiated law is a continuing serious one

    Assault and coercion.

  10. My goodness! It's good that pulling in elevators, phone booths and underpasses is severely punished is completely OK - it just doesn't work and it's super disgusting. But that the brave hiker in the lonely forest has to pay 35 euros for it is really unbelievable. I hope the deer and wild boars will stick to it :-). But it's good to know that maybe you just shouldn't get caught doing it ;-).

  11. Does this law also apply to dogs? They can piss anywhere, but if the person in an emergency really can't help himself, he has to pay a fine for it.

    • Hello Paul K.,

      no, this law applies to people. This will be difficult to enforce for dogs. Basically, however, the dog owners have to pay attention to the behavior of their animals.

      The bussgeldkatalog.org team

  12. A clear distinction should be made between 2 essential scenarios:

    Scenario 1:
    Man or woman pee in the city or on private property, in areas where children play or people regularly hang out, in cities, in backyards, in house entrances, etc etc etc ...

    or but

    Scenario 2:
    in the forest, in fields, in bushes, on non-visible - agricultural - meadows, etc., etc.
    Everywhere where no one really cares, or where impurities arise or whatever.

    But basically to impose a fine between € 35 and € 30,000 just because someone - who goes jogging across woods and fields - pees on a tree without a) disturbing anyone and b) not damaging any private property

    I consider more than pointless.

    And the statement: "Where there is no plaintiff, there is no judge" or "If you pee in the forest, nobody cares" ... it doesn't exist, because either fully or not at all legally compliant.

    And the absolute nonsense is to equate wild peeing with a sexual act in the section:

    “Anyone who publicly engages in sexual acts and thereby deliberately or knowingly causes a nuisance will be punished with imprisonment for up to one year or with a fine if the act is not punishable in Section 183”.

    Perhaps that counts for these naked men and women who like to show themselves naked because of their inclination or their fetish and also want to be seen or for men who play on their p *** because they want to see this and that and want to be seen , but the natural, human - MUST - cannot be equated as a sexual act.

    Sorry, I don't understand the definition by law

  13. I think it's great and I don't support it in the forest, for example. in the commercial area on a corner and across the street there is a power box right next to the garden of menem and people pee and shovel on it. and now nobody needs to come with me there is no toilet 50 meters in one direction where everyone has to pass it to get to this corner is a 50 cents tank and you can use the toilet for non-customers ... customers for free. and 50 meters in the other direction there are 3 dixis and you don't believe how clean dixis can be. I think it's cheeky and how it stinks in the summer recently I went there and asked where the young guy lives and then I asked why and I just said so that I know who your neighbor is so that I can pee in front of his door can

  14. Take a look at every German crime story on public television and then post the title of the crime story where not at least one man (policeman or perpetrator) is not filmed peeing. You will have a hard time finding a crime fiction. In this context I heard about fines or prison sentences. 😁

  15. To associate that with a sexual act is absurd….
    Then what is z. B. with the hundreds of magazines in the supermarket where bare breasts or extremely sexual poses are very much seen by very young people.
    Is that naturalism then?
    I laugh my head off.

    My son got into such an uncomfortable situation on a fastivall .. (City doesn't matter)
    There were extremely few toilets .. and with 4 people one of these toilets was searched for .. NOTHING TO FIND.
    I ran around forever until it just didn't work anymore. My son has looked for a very, very hidden corner ..
    And immediately two policemen who saw him practically "disappeared" (maybe because they suspected a crime ... or what I know) were sentenced to him ..
    When the others asked WHERE are toilets here at all ... was succinct: Yes, if you walked all the way to the end of the Promenate and then there would be toilets on the left ...
    hahaha ... for me that's a cheek.
    I am also against peeing in the wild ... but somewhere the city is also obliged to set up enough toilets and at a reasonable distance if you are hosting such a big event ... it's not that the boys would not have asked anyone ... but unfortunately none could get a positive answer ..

    The statement of the police was: You have to go to town (inquire beforehand where toilets are) Aha !!!

    It is pointless to take action against it.
    And with the few toilets I ask myself whether it is almost a great source of income ...
    The penalty for my son (trainee) was substantial .. and in the end I have to bear a large part of this penalty ..
    Great event ..

  16. First of all, I want to know when outdoor peeing has been banned. That was not always so. Furthermore, in this case I can demand that every supermarket and discounter that is not located in a shopping center grant access to a toilet or have a customer toilet. Some discounters have already refused me.

    • Hello Matthias H.,

      We do not know in detail when exactly these regulations have existed. Supermarkets and discounters are not obliged to offer a toilet.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

    • Hello Fatih,

      Places of assembly, workplaces and businesses where alcohol is served should always provide toilets in accordance with applicable law. If this is not the case, you can usually complain.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

  17. Total nonsense! One can also exaggerate! As a driver in public transport, I very often have no other option at all to do my business because there is only one personal toilet in the entire network.Should I wear Pampers while on duty? And where should you change them discreetly, because a shift can take 12 hours or more? Don't drink anything for about 12 hours? You can not be serious!

    Sorry, but if someone should impose a fine on me for this in this situation, they can put on warm clothes because I'll report them for violating human rights ...

    At events in public or in inner-city areas: No question about it, something like that doesn't work and justifies a warning ...

  18. Hi everyone,

    used the same toilet several times at a big party. The 4th time the toilet overflowed due to the heavy rain and the high traffic. After I paid 50 cents, couldn't use the toilet and the toilet service had made a stupid saying, I took a tree behind the toilet (like 20 others too)! Of course, your friend and helper was here immediately and collected almost everyone. Now I have committed an administrative offense and this can be punished with a fine of up to 1,000 euros ... is it still possible?!?!

    Should I take the matter to a lawyer right away or should I confess the act and just hope for a small fine?



  19. Hello,
    I can only agree with a few comments: One should distinguish between natural “wild peeing”, as it was sometimes given by nature (because pulling up and spitting out never worked) and “provocative, reckless urination and pooping” in front of other people Front doors, although as I can prove that there is a wide strip of green between the sidewalks and the roadways. And because of police and reporting: But you don't know the Krefeld police. Even if you call them as a witness during the observation (without number suppression), they claim that you have no evidence! After a large gate and camera surveillance of the house entrance last night, another anti-social documented. What this calls for and who you can actually only wish this to, I certainly don't have to go into any further detail here. (No, I don't have to take it away, but the shop downstairs or the neighbors downstairs)

  20. Hello, what can I do if children in a neighboring house keep peeing in a light shaft in our house?
    The urine smell is no longer reasonable. Can the parents be called upon to pay a fine? The parents have already been asked about it at an owners' meeting. Unfortunately without success.

  21. I stand hidden in the forest with a weak bladder behind a tree, where I deliberately show my genitals. So old people with a weak bladder then have to wear incontinence pants for a walk in the woods.
    For women too.
    Does anyone actually know for which scope the law in the FRG applies.
    I've been abroad for years, so nobody cares if someone goes hiding in the bushes.
    Well, the loyal German is also the world champion who is indebted to the ideology of being the only state in the world where diesel is harmful to health, with the exception of buses, agricultural vehicles and cruise and transport ships that release their heating oil emissions into the environment blow.
    We shut down the coal-fired power plants, thinking that we live under a sheltered bubble, where the exhaust gases from other nations pass us by.
    I am not advocating the exposure of any genitals, it should be punished. But reading the comments here speaks for the madness of the Germans.
    I'm here in Portugal in the Alentejo, the Portuguese read along with me, I explained it to them in their language, they were speechless and thought I was kidding.
    Then they asked me how big our catalog of laws is, whether unsanitary underpants are also examined.
    So much for me about the madness of the law in the FRG, which everyone understands without reflection.
    Especially the waste separation.
    In Portugal there are fully automatic waste separation systems, imported from Germany.
    Have fun fooling around the law.
    I know now there is a shit storm, yes, of course, laws are implanted in German without reflection. Somebody actually defends himself against vaccination, casually asked.

  22. I think the punishment is appropriate. You just have to think about where such advertisements often appear. In the forest you will most likely be able to relieve yourself if you have to, without necessarily being seen. It's different in the city. I don't go through the city center for a day without mostly meeting men who piss on all sorts of things. But even a homeless woman was there once. Left his pants down behind a small road construction site at lunchtime as if it were the most normal thing in the world. House walls in smaller streets in the city are sometimes paved with urine residue that attaches to waist height. Dogs certainly weren't. A man shot the bird one evening. In the middle of the city, on a large square, the guy lets his pants down exactly 2 meters next to me and pees on a park bench (!). Apart from the fact that I was taken by surprise, I was just glad not to have been hit by his urine splashes. In that case, I would actually have reported him. Cities, multi-storey car parks and parks are mostly disgusting anyway because people have no shame and are too lazy to use a public toilet. There is a punishment in order to make our cities cleaner.

  23. Good day,

    I have a cystitis every now and then and in a sudden emergency I can't always stop and spend hours looking for a toilet. How is it here? Unfortunately, this is something that cannot be controlled.

  24. I first have to be 50 to find out that peeing on a tree is supposed to be forbidden. Wouldn't it have occurred to me in a dream that it could be so. As long as you turn a little away, that should be perfectly fine. Sorry for growing up in the country. Not everyone works in the office and always has access to a toilet. And what does that have to do with sex? But nudists are allowed to hike in public and that is also sex in public? But then I don't want to see Waldi mark his territory in public any longer. How far should we go from nature? Leave the church in the village. Who would want to live in a country with such prohibitions? More and more teasing!

  25. Hello everybody.

    I am a sports caretaker for route safety and I am active on the Nürburgring. I read a lot lately that penalties for peeing wild are now increasing.
    As a sports attendant at what is probably the most famous race track in the world, we don't have a dixi at every post.
    What if we have to?
    I also wear eye-catching clothing when I am on duty and accordingly you will also be noticed in the thick light if you pull up there or more.
    We also have a lot of female colleagues. For them, of course, that's even worse.
    We have jobs there that we can't even get away from. Looks good when you see a colleague Pullert from the camera perspective.
    Motorsport has more than enough enemies who want to take advantage of it.
    How can this be regulated now? Doesn't the operator or the organizer have to ensure that there is also a toilet facility at every post? We often have to do with long-distance races.
    I don't want to pay a fine for my volunteer work in the future

  26. This state and its bureaucracy can rip off enough! The fact is, urinating is a highly human need. It has nothing to do with sexual activity. There are not enough public toilets. I have a weak bladder and I'm not pissing my pants! Of course it doesn't work everywhere, and not in the middle of the city. Of course, I try not to bother others. And avoid anyone seeing it. But I do my necessities when I have to. This state should take care of really important matters.

  27. I think it's absolutely ridiculous to be fined for wild peeing in nature. I totally understand that it's outrageous and disgusting in cities, on private property and in front of other people. Cities should get cleaner. But in nature, in remote parking lots where there are no toilets or in the forest, I find it legitimate. I think everyone has been in such a situation. Every dog ​​is allowed to pee anywhere and that also on every house wall and on every sidewalk. And people are forbidden to smoke in the bush or hidden on the tree. For example, I drive over 70km to work every day and on country roads where there are none !!! public toilets and nowhere.

  28. If peeing in the wild should be prohibited in general, why are there still so many parking spaces on the motorway without toilets? Surely it can be assumed that people who head for a parking lot often also need to urinate there!

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