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31.08.2018 – 14:45

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With a joint declaration, 48 Beijing house churches have defended themselves against the increasing curtailment of religious freedom by the communist party and government in China. This is reported by the Open Doors relief organization for persecuted Christians. The churches are also drawing attention to the worrying development since the new religious laws came into force in February 2018. Typical of the increased repression and growing state control is an order sent to churches in Henan Province in July: the national anthem must be sung and the flag hoisted in every service. In addition, the clergy should provide personal data of their members. In March 2018 alone, around 100 churches were closed in the city of Nanyang. For the whole of China, children and young people under the age of 18 are not allowed to attend church services. The regime wants to keep them away from the Christian faith in order to raise them to be loyal communists and also to slow down the rapid growth of the church. Linking up with the communist "tradition" of the persecution of Christians Already under Mao and Stalin it became clear that the persecution of Christians is often part of the system under communist regimes. In the past, restrictions on religious freedom were often followed by the closure or demolition of church buildings, as well as imprisonment, abductions, labor camps and executions of Christians in order to eradicate their beliefs. The World Persecution Index, published annually by Open Doors, names communism as one of the driving forces behind the persecution of Christians, along with others, such as Islamism and religiously motivated nationalism. Churches demand government protection of their constitutional rights Now on July 23, Beijing house churches issued a joint statement to the Chinese government. Here are some excerpts: Since February 2018, churches in Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan, Guangdong, Henan and other places have been experiencing a change in the political climate in the area of ​​religious freedom. They are all confronted with pressure from many quarters, including repeated interventions by representatives of the authorities at church meeting places. [...] We urge the government to respect the historic growth and current state of house churches. We ask them to respect the established religious customs and practices of Christian work, as well as the basic religious freedoms and rights of Chinese citizens. 1. We declare that our beliefs are protected by the Constitution. According to Article 33 (3) of the Chinese Constitution, the state respects and protects the rights of individuals. Article 36 of the Constitution says: "Citizens of the People's Republic of China have freedom of religion. No government organ, social group or individual may force another citizen to believe or not to believe in a religious creed. [...]" In the National Assembly about The religious work of 2016 says: "Followers of religions are not in opposition to the party and the citizens of China, they are not an obstacle or reluctance to build socialism. Rather, they are a positive force and make reliable contributions and strength in the Development of Chinese Socialism If this great body of believers is viewed as an alien influence to be controlled and directed, or an entity to be defended against or cracked down on, we commit one of the most fundamental mistakes and are misled.We must have the rights and intere must protect this large group of believers. " 2. We declare that our beliefs are fully in line with the Bible and Christian traditions. We adhere to the "Apostles' Creed". There are differences in the way the churches live their faith, but "the church" is ONE body of believers who all have the same Holy Spirit. In times of need we stand together and support one another. [...] 3. We declare that we will never give up our belief. [...] Without religious freedom, any government will fail On the Open Doors World Persecution Index, China is currently 43rd among the countries in which Christians are most severely persecuted because of their beliefs. Markus Rode, CEO of Open Doors Germany, says: "In China, as in other communist countries, communist ideology leads to the suppression of freedom of religion and expression. In recent decades, however, millions of people in China have turned to the Christian faith. They need our support. That is why it is important that we as Christians in Germany now pray for our fellow believers in China and that the Federal Government does not look the other way, but instead uses the increasing persecution of Christians as an opportunity to demand that those in power in Beijing respect freedom of religion . "

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