Which films are about love addiction?

Film tips: These love films give hope for a second chance

“Only goulash should be warmed up,” I hear my grandmother say on this subject. A very proud woman who has never given a second chance in her life. Not even in love. But lovesickness turns spring fever into winter depression. The butterflies in your stomach from back then are now buried under ice cream and alcohol. And depending on the degree of pain, whether you have been left or left, you can get out of this phase faster or slower. Either by putting a tick behind it. Or by giving it a second try.

Fortunately, there are a handful of films that are more encouraging than my grandmother. Classics from the sixties, which are wonderfully theatrical against the whole. Or today's independent films that translate the drama of “break up, make up” - as this behavior is so beautifully called in English - into the present day.

Therefore, here is a list of the most beautiful films about this misery (except for the on-off relationship heroine "Bridget Jones" - which is a standard work anyway).

1. Maybe better tomorrow (2012)

The shy hermit crab Charlie just got out of high school and is very lonely. When he meets the amusing siblings Sam and Patrick and develops previously unknown feelings for Sam, the drama is inevitable. Especially as Sam - played by Emma Watson