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Life in old age: Better to get older

Many people are afraid of getting older. But why actually? In old age the body may not be as fresh and crisp as it was in adolescence, but a lot of life experiences make up for it.

And even if it sometimes has to go slower: Nobody has to do without fun and joy in old age. Every old person is entitled to sit back and enjoy life - the old people really deserve it.

Whether apartment, sport, studies or travel - explained with these tricks and tips Living in old agehow life in old age can be made easy and beautiful.

Age-appropriate living

You can't fool yourself. In old age, sooner or later it will be more difficult for everyone to climb stairs or to run their own household. Keeping a large apartment in good condition or even a large house with a large garden becomes an overwhelming burden for many people. Still, many people in old age do not want to admit that they can no longer get along quite as well on their own because they only have one alternative in mind: the retirement home. Reports of bad conditions in the nursing homes contribute to the fact that many people are too afraid of having to live there.

But this fear doesn't have to be. First of all, there are also good nursing homes that do excellent work. If you ask around, you will soon find a suitable nursing home nearby. Second, a retirement home is just one of many options for older people today.

For those who perceive their own house as a burden, but are basically still quite fit, a form of assisted living may be a good idea. In many places, good opportunities for this have emerged in recent years. The elderly live independently; carers help out when they need help with shopping or household chores. So everyone gets the support they need without having to forego self-determination and freedom. For many people, moving to old-age-friendly living can be an important step towards being able to really enjoy the last few years of life.

Many ideas have been developed in recent years: There are already some senior citizens' shared apartments in which several old people have come together to support each other. With all the possibilities, one thing is certain: no one has to have their own apartment a burden. There are good alternatives and help. Only when it is no longer possible can the move to an old people's home be avoided. But if you have informed yourself beforehand, you can certainly find a nice, good retirement home.

Sport keeps you young

Not so long ago, the comedian Dieter Hallervorden brought the subject of aging, retirement homes and sport to the screen in a sometimes very funny, sometimes deeply sad but moving way with his touching film "His last race". Elderly people can also do sports and enjoy sports. Exercise and training keep you young. Many diseases can be prevented - and the elderly who play sports regularly can look forward to coping with everyday life better.

Of course: high-performance sport is out of place after a certain age. However, it is worth checking with the local sports club. Certainly there are courses or groups there that meet regularly for senior sports. That doesn't just keep you physically fit. Doing sport together with other people automatically leads to new social contacts - sport also avoids the danger of increasing loneliness in old age. Why not just play a ball of boules with friends and acquaintances? This is a real treat for body and mind.

An insider tip: ride a bike

Cycling is a very energy efficient way of getting around. In fact, it is easier to ride a bike than to walk. This automatically increases the radius. Instead of just being out and about in the immediate vicinity, a trip into the countryside or to the next village with the weekly market may be possible. This is how seniors live healthy and get in contact with other people. And by the way, they do something good for your health.

Volunteering in old age

Many people find it difficult to do anything with their lives when they retire. The stress and hectic of everyday working life are no longer there. Suddenly you don't know what to do with yourself. At the same time, there are countless clubs that were desperately looking for new members and fellow campaigners.

Many municipalities and cities have recognized this problem in recent years. So-called volunteer agencies were set up. Older people receive information there about which clubs are looking for support in their area. The agency's employees are happy to put you in touch - and in many cases they help with advice and action in the search for a meaningful and exciting volunteer activity.

In voluntary work, expense allowances of € 720 per year without social security contributions can be accepted (Deutsche Rentenversicherung, 2019).

Lifelong learning: studying in old age

For other people, studying in old age is a good alternative. Finally you can use the new life in old age to deal intensively with things that have always interested you. But when did work and family leave the time to deal in depth and in detail with the history of art, the ancient Romans or even theoretical physics? Almost all universities have therefore set up special programs for the elderly.

As a rule, it is even possible to study in old age without a high school diploma or university entrance qualification. If you have already studied as a young person, you should ask carefully. Under certain circumstances, a regular (second) degree is then even possible, which can be completed with an academic degree. The interesting thing is that some of the academic achievements from the "first" life can be recognized. The doctorate is also a popular project for many seniors to crown their retirement with a doctorate.

Enjoy freedom - explore the world

There were only a few vacation days left in her previous professional life. Families had to adjust to the children's vacation times. But now that their working life is over and the children are finally traveling as adults with their own families, the seniors have plenty of time to explore the world. Why not fly to the warm Mediterranean for several months or discover America? Or why not tour Germany in a motorhome? Here, too, there is more to discover than one can dream of.

There are no limits to your imagination when traveling. However, it is advisable to prepare well for the journey in old age. A medical check in advance is essential. The necessary medication must also be taken with you on the trip in sufficient quantities. In any case, it is worth asking the health insurance company and, if necessary, taking out additional insurance.

But one thing is decisive: if you finally set off, you will go on a great journey - because getting older does not mean not being able to experience anything.

"Geocaching" is a good way not only to be mobile in old age, but also to train your brain a little. The website offers a wide variety of options and tasks for seniors.

Working in old age

More and more seniors want to stay active in old age: This also applies to work. Low birth rates and increasing life expectancy and quality ensure that senior citizens are also used as workers in old age.

One way or another, the 50+ generation is currently in great demand because there is a shortage of skilled workers in Germany. Especially in medium-sized companies - where there is a particularly large shortage of workers - the focus is increasingly on older people.

There are many reasons why older people want to stay at work. Some of the pensioners are forced to continue working because the pension alone is not enough to live on.

The vast majority, however, take advantage of the opportunity to remain mentally active and at the same time earn enough income for extras such as vacation or expensive purchases. They often try their hand at $ 450 jobs.

For many seniors, working in old age not only serves to raise money, but also fulfills the desire for social recognition and variety in everyday life.

Seniors on the Internet

For most people, computers and the Internet have become an integral part of everyday life: the young generation is growing up with the Internet, so to speak. But 55% of people over 65 were also online in 2017.

This number will increase over the next few years as seniors become increasingly tech savvy and discover the Internet for themselves. They want to strengthen their intellectual abilities and are not afraid of new developments. Seniors are also realizing that a lot is easier with the help of the Internet.

Support is often needed at the beginning. Many systems are intuitive to use, but seniors are the main victims of scammers or spam e-mails, as they are sometimes too gullible or not familiar with malicious software. Help from relatives and friends is therefore advisable.

Love in old age

Love knows no age: Regardless of whether seniors want to revive a long-term relationship or they are looking for a new partner, the subject of love remains an important aspect in life. Today's 50+ generation deals with the topic much more impartially.

The possibilities of the Internet are also beneficial to the elderly. It is now easier to get in touch with people. Be it through dating sites or apps, as well as through leisure get-togethers and clubs that offer joint activities.

Getting older is nice!

No matter how you decide: whether you want to do voluntary work in old age, start studying or go on long journeys. The time has finally come in old age when you can do what you want. A great time full of self-determination and happiness.

The only important thing is that you have to do it. As is so often the case, it starts with the first step. Then you will soon no longer make the restrictions of age so painful. When you realize that you have gotten older again, then the time has come to finally take that first step.

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