Im 18 Whom should I choose

What do I need to know about the Bundestag election?

The voters must:

  • the German nationality to have
  • at least 18 years be old
  • in the Voter Directory stand.

When a person do not read can,
then she can take a person to vote,
you with it helps.

When a person is a physical handicap Has,
then she can be of assistance
take one person to vote.

The auxiliary person may vote the voter not affect.
This means:
The voter decide alone,
who he wants to choose.
The helper must
the optional secret hold.

A blind person
or one Visually impaired person
can take a voting slip template with you as an aid.


The Federal President determines the election date
approximately half a year before the election day.
On the website of the federal election leader
you can find all election dates.

4 to 6 weeks before the election date
send the municipalities the Election notifications.
If you have 3 weeks before the election
no Have received election notification,
then ask Check with your community in the town hall.

Bring the Election notification
on election day.
The election notifications
can look different in the federal states.


In the Bundestag election is there
in Germany 299 electoral circles.
The election circles are in Electoral districts divided.

You can only in Your constituency choose.
This is the electoral circle
in which you live.
The community determines
the electoral pub for each electoral district.
The election is carried out in the election bar.
Most of the time, the choices are in Evacuate from the community.
For example in town halls or schools.

Have the choice bars
from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. open.

They can also be in one other local of choice
go to vote in your electoral circle.
But you have to apply for that.

On the back from election notification
is a Request.
When you fill out the application
and send it back to the church,
then you get one Election slip.
You can then use it in a other local of choice
go to vote in your electoral circle.

You get the voting slip
automatically all documents for the postal vote sent.

If you would like more information on postal voting,
Then please click here.
This brochure explains
how postal voting works.

There is one in every local by choice Election chief.
He directs the election.
And there is in every local by choice Election helper.
Election workers work on a voluntary basis.
These are the tasks of the election workers:

  • you to lead the choice through.
  • you check the voters.
    Every voter should
    bring his election notification with you.
    And every voter should bring their ID with them.
  • You give that to the voters Voting slip.
  • You write down
    who voted.
    So that nobody chooses twice.
  • They also write down
    how many voters came to vote.
  • You give the Election ballot box free.
    This means:
    Only then can the voters
    to throw their ballot papers into the ballot box.
  • You calculate that preliminary election result.
    And they give the election result
    to the community.

Elective premises must be set up in such a way that
that all people can choose.
This means:
Even people with one physical disability
should be able to get into the elective premises.
To this one says:
The places of choice are barrier-free.
The election notification says
which places of choice are barrier-free.

It has to be in the electoral restaurants
one or more optional cabins give.
An election booth must be
that the voter unobserved
can fill out and fold his voting slip.

In the election booth
should it be Pen give.
The electoral board must ensure
that always only one person is in the election booth.


  • There may be 2 people in the choice cabin,
    when the voter do not read can.
  • There may also be 2 people in the optional cabin,
    if the voter one physical handicap Has.
    For example, he may need help
    when he fills out or folds the voting slip.
  • Babies are also allowed in the elective booth.

If you are at the Bundestag election vote,
do you have 2 votes.

This means:
You are allowed on the voting slip Check 2 boxes.
There is the first voice and the second voice.


The first vote is on the voting slip
on the left half.
There they are Applicants
of the Election circle.
These are the electoral district applicants.
In each electoral district there are other electoral district applicants.

You can use the first vote as an applicant
of their Election circle choose.
The applicant with the most votes
comes directly in the Bundestag.

For every applicant it says
the place of residence and the profession.
It also says
in which party he is.


The second vote is on the voting slip
on the right side.
The second voice has the Colour blue.
With this you can use a Political party choose.
When a party gets a lot of second votes,
then she has more MPs in the Bundestag.
They say:
It has more seats in the Bundestag.

Under the name of each party
stand 5 names of people.
These are the first 5 applicants for this party.

When you have your voting slip filled out to have,
then fold it up.
Nobody is allowed to see
who you chose.
Then throw the ballot paper in the Election ballot box.


If you are on the voting slip no cross do,
do you have elected no one.
That means:
they have themselves contain.
The voting is then invalid.
There will be an abstention on the allocation of seats
for the Bundestag not taken into account.

Therefore no box
intended for one abstention.
Just that votes cast are valid.
This means:
If only you a Tick ​​the box,
then just that a cross valid.


In the Bundestag election
are these Votes are not valid:

  • The voting is invalid,
    if on the voting slip
    no box checked is.
  • The voting slip is invalid,
    if not see clearly can,
    what the voter wants to choose.
    For example,
    when the cross is between 2 boxes.
  • The voting slip is invalid,
    if you have something extra on it write.
    Or if you tick more than 2 boxes.
  • In the case of postal voting, both votes are invalid,
    if the voting slip
    not in the official Voting slip envelope is.
  • If multiple voting slips are used in the postal vote
    are in an envelope
    then they count as a voting slip.
    But be careful:
    when the same has been checked
    or only one has been filled out.

But the voting slips are invalid,
when different boxes have been checked.


After every election you make one evaluation.
This is called statistics.
For example you look at:

  • How many people have chosen?
    One says: Voter turnout.
    One also calculates
    include the invalid voting slip.

For example:
10 people can vote.
5 people voted.
1 person did not tick anything.
6 out of 10 people voted.
They say:
The turnout was 60 percent.

  • How many voters were Men?
  • How many voters were Women?
  • Which Parties to have
    how many votes get?
  • Which Applicants to have
    how many votes get?
  • Non-voters one calculates
    not included in the evaluation.

The most important thing in this evaluation
and in the elections
that one on the Choice secret respect.

In Germany it has to be
no certain number of voters give.
A choice is also valid here,
when few people vote.

Applicants with the First voice
be elected directly to the Bundestag,
definitely come to the Bundestag.

Only parties come to the Bundestag
the more than 5 percent of the second votes.
This means:
When a party has very few votes
then she will not get any seats in the Bundestag.

Parties that at least 3 seats
for electoral district applicants
also come to the Bundestag.

For parties of national minorities
there are special regulations.