Why does my earlobe smell

That's why our earrings stink!

Beautiful earrings that match the respective outfit are a popular accessory for many women. More and more men have their earlobes pierced or stretched and they wear jewelry in their ear holes. However, it often happens that the studs of the earrings smell unpleasant after wearing them. You can find out what the reason is here.

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What is causing the smell?

Have you often found grayish deposits on your earrings and wondered what exactly that should be?

  • So-called ear cheese is a mixture of bacteria made up of dead cells, sebum and remains of cosmetic products.
  • This gray-green paste collects in the ear holes and then settles on our jewelry.
  • But don't panic, the production of this "cheese" is not a cause for concern. Our body has to form new cells on a regular basis, leaving the old ones on the surface of the skin.
  • In principle, anyone can be affected by this phenomenon, but the smell is more common, especially with freshly pierced earrings. The body produces extra cells until it gets used to the new wound.
  • Elderly people, or people who wear certain earrings permanently, can also be affected by this phenomenon.

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Tips for ear hygiene

The appearance of the grayish paste and the smell is very unpleasant for many people. To avoid this in the future, you should pay attention to the following things:

  • Remove your earrings:If the grayish paste has formed again on your ear hole, then you should take out your earrings and let your ears "breathe deeply". If you've freshly made your holes, don't remove your jewelry until you've asked a professional.
  • Clean your earrings:Clean your earrings with a little soap. Make sure that you use mild washing gels, as not all materials tolerate aggressive lotions or soaps.
  • Ear lobes are also brushed:If your ear hole and the earlobe are swollen or irritated, it is best to use a mild and antibacterial soap. Attention:Excessive hygiene is no solution here either! This easily irritates the skin and makes the condition worse.
  • Bacteria lurk everywhere:But not only your ears should be clean, but also your scarves and bed linen. There are usually many bacteria lurking in them, which then settle in the ear holes. Regular washing can be used for prevention.

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