Why does the onion make you sneeze

Seven effective home remedies for runny nose

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A runny nose is uncomfortable, no question about it. One would like to have a function like the tap to turn it off. It's actually a good sign. With a cold, mucus and nasal secretions are usually stuck in swollen, dried-out mucous membranes, must be loosened and flow accordingly. Stopping a runny nose can therefore only mean fighting the causes of the cold rather than draining it so that the runny nose will soon stop.

So what can you do about a runny nose? Home remedies are usually a good choice here. We have put together seven effective methods:

1. Stop runny noses with onions

The onion has proven itself as a home remedy for a runny nose. Their juice disinfects, can relieve swelling and loosen mucus. A homemade onion syrup is therefore ideal to put a stop to the ongoing secretion soon.

That's how it's done: Cut an onion into small cubes and pour some honey over it. This extracts the onion juice. After a few hours, you can take a teaspoon of it and repeat this several times a day.

2. Pure honey as a home remedy for a runny nose

Honey alone can also help to quickly relieve symptoms of colds. The natural product has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, and is also beneficial for a scratchy throat.

That's how it's done: