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SoDoSoPa (South Park)

Gentrified and modernized borough of the city of South Park, which is featured in the third episode of the 19th season, "The City Part of Town".

“SoDoSoPa” is an abbreviation for: South of Downtown South Park.

How SoDoSoPa came about

The rundown area around Kenny’s house has been selected to be modernized and gentrified. The city officials first convinced the “Whole Food Market” chain to open a branch. They did this to improve the poor public image of South Park, which suffered from Mr. Garrison's anti-immigration campaign in season 18. Late night talker Jimmy Fallon made fun of South Park back then.

The new borough was intentionally built around Kenny’s house to appeal to hipsters and the high-income middle class with its rustic charm.

Shops in SoDoSoPa

In "SoDoSoPa" there are restaurants, shops, entertainment, apartments and lofts:

  • Bi The Garage - roof terrace bar
  • Brighton's clothing store
  • Rusty Way - Restaurant
  • Savor The Goodness - Moderns Cafe
  • Soda Space - Bar and Restaurant
  • Steed - Gluten-free restaurant
  • The Lofts at SoDoSoPa - Modern and luxurious lofts
  • The Stag -

CtPA Town / Shi Tpa Town

In the same episode, the City Wok owner and operator, Mr. Kim, tries to build his own new gentrified district. He does this in response to the dwindling number of customers who are now eating SoDoSoPa. Its new city district is called "CtPa Town", which was later changed to "Shi Tpa Town" by the South Park makers. (In this way, the joke should be even more recognizable: "Sh * t Part [of] Town")

When a fight of the citizens of South Park breaks out between “SoDoSoPa” and “CtPa Town”, the residents destroy “SoDoSoPa”. As a result, the "Whole Foods" market is being built in CtPa Town and all shops and restaurants are moving to CtPa Town. "SoDoSoPa" is then left and degenerates back into the - previous - slum area. Kenny's family still live there.

Real SoDoSoPas

The gentrified new neighborhood in South Park is a parody of really gentrified districts in cities in the USA - the naming and promotional videos were also similar. Among other things there are:

  • EaDo Housten (East Downtown Houston)
  • LoDo Denver (Lower Downtown Denver) - See: 1
  • LoHi Denver (Lower Highlands Denver)
  • NoDa (North Davidson Charlotte, North Carolina)
  • NoLi (North Limestone Street Unit B, Lexington, Kentucky)
  • NuLu (New Louisville, Kentucky)
  • SoDo Lofts (South of Downtown Orlando)
  • SoMa (South of Market San Francisco)
  • SoNo (South Norwalk, Norwalk, Connecticut)

These quarters are similar: old buildings have been modernized, chic bars and restaurants, as well as a small art scene, are located there.

SoDoSoPa promotional videos

The South Park creators ran several promotional videos (with real people) promoting both of the new and hip boroughs. In the foreground of the image videos was the message that all the new restaurants and shops are helping the poor in town. In the background of the videos, Kenny's family can often be seen, who are bothered by their new neighbors. None of the family has a job in any of the newly established businesses, so gentrification doesn't seem to be of any use to them. See: 2


With the episode "The City Part of Town", the South Park creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, commented on gentrification. This ensures a modernization of old city districts, which mostly takes place at the expense of the old residents. (Most of them cannot afford the increased rents.)

A room called "Sodosopa" is offered on Airbnb. It can be rented for 45 euros a night in Ipswich, England, United Kingdom. See: 3

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