What is the meal between lunch and dinner

Overview of meals

The carbohydrate stores empty over the night, so breakfast is very important. Numerous studies indicate that children who have had breakfast are more efficient and reactive in the morning hours and do not tire as quickly. Retention and attention, both very important properties for school, improve.

In many families, breakfast is unfortunately a "stepchild"; Often times, breakfast is eaten in a hurry in the morning. Children often adopt their parents' behavior and leave the house without anything to eat.

Motivate your "breakfast grouch" to eat at least one little something, e.g. a piece of fruit, a small bread with cream cheese or a mug of milk or cocoa. Ideally, breakfast consists of whole grain products in the form of bread or muesli, fruit and dairy products. Unsweetened fruit or herbal tea can be served as a drink.

Going to bed early in the evening and getting up on time are important prerequisites for being able to have breakfast in peace. And having breakfast alone is no fun. Together with one or more family members and a nicely laid table, breakfast becomes the first nice meal of the day.

Take the time to have breakfast with your child and talk about the activities of the day ahead. This is a good opportunity to perceive your child's mood in the morning and determine with what expectations they start the day.

Especially on weekends, an extensive family breakfast can provide a framework for mutual exchange and a weekly review. The dining table can once again become the central family place and offer the children a positive experience in which they want to participate again.