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Indians today

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Indian rights

After the Indians fought on the side of the United States in World War I, they received American citizenship in 1924. But it wasn't until ten years later that they were allowed to live as they used to. With their traditions, their own festivals and their beliefs.

But they were not always able to exercise these new rights. Even later, many white people tried to take away their land and their freedoms from them. Today the Indians organize and try to defend themselves against these injustices.

A minority

The Indians once inhabited a vast land that stretched from coast to coast in North America. Today only two percent of Americans are of Indian origin.

The Indians are a minority in their country - a small part of them live on the reservations. Unemployment is very high there and the Indians are very poor.

Some try to make a living from tourism, sell jewelry or earn their living as tourist guides.

Tradition and tourism

In order to improve their living conditions, the Indians organize themselves and revive their traditions.

The children of the Indians are learning their own language again and are receiving lessons about the way of life of their tribe. They take part in pow wows, perform their dances, wear tribal costumes and paint their faces.

The Indians try to combine old and new, and to preserve their ceremonies, rituals, customs and languages.

At the same time, dance performances bring money for a living. Because the festivals of the Indians are considered a tourist attraction.

Today's reservations

Another source of income are the many gambling halls that the Indians have opened on the reservations.

The Navajo reservation, which stretches across the states of New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah, is the largest reservation with nearly 150,000 residents. The reservations are administered by the Indians themselves and there is also their own police force.