What are the best love story novels

The best romance novels of 2020

At a time when public life has largely come to a standstill, reading is one of the nicest pastimes. For romantic reading hours that will make your heart beat faster, we have put together some of our new romance novels for you in 2020. Butterflies in the stomach, lust and passion, heartbreak and much more great love emotions and await you in the latest sensitive stories from our bestselling authors: inside and newcomers: inside about love and life - let yourself be enchanted by their books, grab a delicious one Tea and enjoy the warm hours at home.

Can I have my heart back now, please? by Sophia Money-Coutts

This novel, the author's first to be translated into German, is about the 30-year-old journalist Polly, who writes about the English nobility for a lifestyle magazine and who finally begins a relationship after an interview with the noble Jasper. Polly is full of insecurities because she knows that Jasper is known as a notorious heartbreaker, but she still cannot resist him. As the shaky relationship between them evolves, there is also family drama in Polly's life. The English author Sophia Money-Coutts is herself the daughter of an English baron and an experienced royal editor. She is very familiar with nobility issues and knows exactly what she is talking about in her novel “Can I have my heart back, please?”. Her writing style is fluent and easy to read, and witty scenes and dialogues add to the range of emotions in this emotional novel.

The little shop of Ella Griffin's unfulfilled wishes

This book is more than a romance novel. It is an encouraging feel-good novel about life and the possibility of saying goodbye to the old and entering new territory. Of course, love and partnership play a not insignificant role, but the focus here is not on a love story between two people. The young Nora, who had just had a lot of bad luck in love, moves into the house of her recently deceased grandmother for a while. There are numerous personal items from her grandparents waiting for her, which are beautiful and precious and remind of the love that had existed between the two deceased. Nora doesn't want to just carelessly throw things away, but decides to sell them piece by piece in a small shop. As a result, Nora meets numerous strangers who happen to enter the shop and also become relevant for: the readers: in, because the author also tells her story. They are all at a crossroads in life, just like Nora, and Nora's grandparents' special items help them let go, make the right decision and start over. From the many small individual stories, the Irish author Ella Griffin creates a touching “big whole” in her novel “The small shop of unfulfilled wishes”.

Two in one heart by Josie Silver

A tragic death is the starting point of this sensitive novel. Lydia deeply mourns her fiancé Freddie and processes his death in her dreams, which are part of the novel. The story alternates between dream and waking state. In the dream, Lydia can be happy at first, because Freddie lives while she neglects real life without Freddie. Her way out of this state, her coping with grief, her further development as a person and of course her love for the deceased are the focus of the book, but there is also another man in Lydia's life: Freddie's best friend Jonah, who understands her grief and you stands by your side. “Two in one heart” is a sad book because the great love in this book has been destroyed by death. But it is full of emotion, romance, depth, and also hope and confidence.

The Valerie Lane double volumes by Manuela Inusa

In 2020, four popular romance novels by Spiegel bestselling author Manuela Inusa were each combined into a double edition and republished as such:

The four novels have one thing in common: They are set in a romantic Oxford street, Valerie Lane. There are small, owner-managed shops and the owners of the shops are friends and the protagonists of the books. Each of the four novels focuses on a different woman, and her friends from the other volumes are always by her side. Each of the women struggles with their own problems and gets their own carefully crafted, romantic and pleasant love story.

There are also two other books in this series that will soon be published as a double volume on April 13, 2021: The fabulous gift shop / The small street of big hearts.

This is not a love scene by Cori McCarthy

The American author Cori McCarthy from Michigan writes novels for young people such as “This is not a love scene”, which appeared in German in August 2020. It takes place behind the scenes in a fantasy film set in Ireland. The protagonist Iris, who came involuntarily to see the filming, gets to know the actor Eamon here and a love story develops, which gets a special atmosphere through the fantasy film setting and maybe the one: n or the other: n Readers: who can convince who: who otherwise prefer to read fantasy stories. There are even allusions to well-known fantasy works such as "The Lord of the Rings".
It turns out that Iris doesn't like Fantasy at all and doesn't like the books that are being filmed. Because the author is her grandmother, and Iris believes that these very books destroyed her family. "This is not a love scene" is recommended for young people aged 14 and over and is funny, romantic and also deals with the personal development of a young girl.

Heartbeats from Kristina Valentin

This novel by the North German author Kristina Valentin is a story about self-discovery, a new beginning, life, love and death. The protagonist is Felicitas, a woman in her 40s who was struck by lightning and suffered a blackout: she no longer knows what happened in the last 12 months. She lives separately from her husband, her sister is strangely distant and Felicitas tries to finally remember the past year. An interesting component of the book is that Felicitas works in the funeral parlor, and so the: the readers: also get a deep insight into this world that nobody wants to deal with, but which nobody is spared. The love story does not fail in “Herzblitze” either, because Felicitas has a new, likeable work colleague, Sebastian, whom she soon gets to know better.