Is Dubai overrated

Traveling alone in November 2020 for 1 week
Traveled during COVID-19

Completely overrated!

Since the fire on New Year's Eve 2015 I have been looking forward to the reopening, this hotel has been on my bucket list for a long time and I was looking forward to being a guest here one day.
It should be about my birthday in November 2020. On site, the joy turned into disappointment very quickly.
Even the check-in was the opposite of a "warm welcome" and instead very impersonal. During my stay I noticed the rudeness and inattentiveness of the staff again and again. In front of the breakfast restaurant you are not greeted with a warm, warm good morning, instead the employee regularly hid behind her cell phone and first had to finish her sms. You are also not accompanied in and to the table. The same picture in front of the main entrance, it's better to call your own taxi here than to hope that the staff will take action.
Despite Corona, despite the hotel not being used to capacity and despite my birthday, which was announced in advance by email, I did not get a room upgrade. If you want a fountain view, you have to dig deep into your pocket, no chance of a benevolent upgrade. The piece of cake for my birthday was in the room when I checked in, although my birthday was 4 days later and, as I said, the hotel was informed in advance.
The pool was full every day, as day tickets for the pool can be purchased very cheaply all year round (about 25 €). So it happened several times that as a hotel guest you couldn't get a free lounger.
On the iPad, which is used to control the technology in the room, there is the possibility to send feedback to the hotel - I used that and vented my disappointment. In the remaining days, however, nobody came to me, the message was simply ignored.
My overall impression of the hotel: You don't need to be a guest here, that's how it works. For me as a solo traveler, unfortunately, an expensive lesson.

Value for money: Very bad
Information about the trip
Traveled as:Traveling alone
Children:No children
Duration:1 week in November 2020
Reason for travel:Beach
Info about the evaluator
First name:Jannika