Why are alcoholics thin

Does alcohol make you fat or thin?

  • Alcohol has a lot of calories, so you should limit it or leave it out if you have weight problems. But apparently there are drinkers, especially the advanced, who are skinny.

    In the past we always spoke of country peoples (the fat ones) and city peoples (the thin ones). Although there are also rural peoples in the city, as I am proving.

    Is it because of the extra food or the level of alcohol addiction?

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  • Alcohol hampers fat burning. That's why it makes you fat!

    Especially if you drink it while you eat.

  • For a long time, alcohol only makes you fat and thin only when you are already heavily addicted to alcohol.

    Anyone who drinks just a little too much quickly gets a beer belly, and ladies like to float too much. And above all, you eat a lot with alcohol (you have to eat it to get the nutrients back into your body). I would say that if you drink regularly and have a few pounds on your ribs, you are still doing pretty well!

    However, those who drink for decades put stress on their internal organs, e.g. the pancreas breaks, so the calories from the alcohol are immediately processed or flushed out. In addition, when you drink alcohol you always suffer from diarrhea or at least mushy stool. If you have diarrhea, you lose weight very quickly. So with alcoholics this is a permanent condition.

    However, I've also heard of a beer diet: if you only drink beer and eat nothing, you satisfy your hunger and consume fewer calories than e.g. through cola. The side effect: the alcohol in beer causes muscle breakdown and sagging skin. So not worth striving for ;-)

  • beer should make a beer belly (schnapps and wine are said to have various beneficial effects),

    It is debatable whether beer in itself makes you fat or only in itself, if it makes you hungry as a starter, then more is eaten.

    The question reminds me of whether smoking makes you slim?

    For the fasting monks, alk (beer e.g. in Bavaria) was / is not considered a food.

    Alcoholics tend to only eat alcohol and fall off the meat.

    In Russia, food (caviar) is an unimportant, dispensable accompaniment to vodka

    Conclusion: It is the same as always when the energy balance is right

  • Alcohol definitely makes you fat and for a number of reasons. It leads to digestive problems. Constipation is not exactly conducive to weight loss. The adrenal glands also release the stress hormone cortisol, which mainly leads to belly fat. As long as the liver has to break down alcohol, it cannot digest fats. The dietary fats are then first stored.

    The increased appetite also means that you eat more. This continues the following day.

  • Hi,

    First of all, it depends on how much alcohol you drink and in what form. Sugary alcoholic beverages will lead to an increase faster. Severely dependent people continue to lose weight because they only meet their nutritional needs with alcohol, which often results in extremely underweight. At least this was the case with many alcohol addicts I knew, including my mother, who a few months before her death was only eating beer, but that did not lead to the famous beer belly. She lost weight extremely quickly to a few 38 kg, very extreme.

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