Are teachers paid in summer

Two good reasons to become a teacher: July and August

The 2013/14 school year is conference-certified for this year, Kevin is eligible for promotion to the next class and Jaqueline for the ...

The 2013/14 school year is conference-certified for this year, Kevin is eligible for promotion to the next class and Jaqueline is taking care of projects for the last week of school. And just in time for the start of the holiday, the envious crawl out of the cracks in the wall like lizards lured by the sun and loudly vent their anger about how unfair life is, since the lazy teachers who work part-time, not even full-time for two months have to work more and be able to buy one magnum after the other from the tax money of the good man sweating in the office in the forest pool.

How did this injustice come about?

Even if some of you will probably not believe me now: The summer vacation was not introduced for the teachers, but for the students and their parents - we are at a time when the offspring of farmers were indispensable for field work in summer and thus for lessons had to stay away. Since this affected most of the students, the gates of the village schools were unceremoniously closed to everyone; In the summer heat, meaningful learning was out of the question anyway. Since most children today only know farms from advertising with the organic pork and modern air conditioning technology could cool the classrooms so that even Captain Iglo could be considered for afternoon care, one question arises:

Why is this nonsense so persistent?

Maybe because our students need a break from studying and need to recharge their batteries for new tasks? Maybe because our children like to go on vacation with their parents in summer to explore the world with them? Maybe because parents want to take care of their upbringing? Maybe because teachers need time to finish the old year and prepare for the new one? Or to train yourself? Maybe because the teaching staff is fed up with other people's children and needs distance? For whatever reason. The fact is: the holidays start in a few days and last for two months. Now there are two ways for the suderning lizards to deal with this bankruptcy:

1. You also become a teacher
Why not? They would only have to “work” part-time (in reality one would only be the puppet for between the breaks anyway), would be paid well above average (for the fact that one would do nothing), enjoy the reputation of society (only politicians are getting more estimated) and could lie on lazy skin in the sun all summer (well, provided that they afforded themselves a full sun protection factor with the thirteenth or fourteenth salary that was too high). Or:

2. You let the teachers have the vacation time
Why not? Let the teachers have their vacation! In return, they - the whiners - have their own desk including a computer, an acceptable reputation in society, evenings without correction, motivating opportunities for advancement, an environmentally friendly company car, a user-friendly company cell phone, first-class business trips, a hard-working assistant, a decent wage, and peace and quiet from their own children , quiet air conditioning, etc., etc. That's actually a really fair deal if you ask me!