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Bubble candles: this is how you can easily create the decoration trend yourself

Bubble candles have taken social media by storm. The pretty decorative piece can be found on almost every picture on interior accounts in particular. We also really liked the candle with the small spheres.

The best thing is: You don't necessarily have to buy the candle in a store or online, you can easily make it yourself. How this works and how you then put the candle in the limelight at home, we'll tell you here.

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Make bubble candles yourself: simple instructions

Don't worry, you don't have to be a DIY professional to make the bubble candle yourself. All you need is some wax, a wick and the right silicone mold.

What you need:

And that's how it works:

1. First you prepare your silicone mold. If there is no prefabricated hole in this, you have to pierce one. To do this, simply drill a thick needle or a wooden stick through the center of the bottom of your shape. The hole needs to be wide enough for the wick to fit through it well.

2. Now put the wick through the hole and fix it on the open side of the mold so that the wick sits nicely in the middle and slightly tensioned in the candle. The best way to fix the wick is if it has a metal plate at the end. You can fix this with two wooden sticks.

3. Let the wax melt according to the instructions on the package (in a water bath). The melting point of our paraffin wax is around 56 ° C. Stir in between until no more lumps can be seen.

Tip: The amount of wax depends on the size of your silicone mold. If you are not sure, it is better to use a little too much wax than too little. The leftover wax can be melted again later and used again.

4. Then quickly pour the warm wax into the bubble mold. Make sure that the wick does not slip. If you haven't fixed it well enough, you'd better get someone to help who can hold the wick briefly.

5. Let the wax cool down well, remove the wooden stick and loosen the bubble candle from its shape. Et voilà, your pretty DIY decorative piece is ready!

You can find awesome video instructions for the bubble candles on the Westwing Instagram account:

Bubble candles: this is how you put them in the spotlight

There are endless possibilities how you can perfectly showcase your bubble candle. Since the bubble candle alone is very impressive, the rest of the decoration can be kept simple. For example, you can place it on a side table with another candle. You can achieve an even more modern look if you put a vase of pampas grass next to the candle.

Please note: The pampas grass or other dried flowers should definitely be far enough away from the candle, because they ignite very quickly. Great caution is required here.

You can achieve an equally great and elegant look if you place the bubble candle on a trendy coffee table book. The combination of large and small bubble candles is also super pretty. If you are still looking for a small bubble shape, you will find it here on Amazon, for example. *

Who actually says that bubble candles have to be white? Of course nobody! You can design your bubble candles in all colors of the rainbow. Especially in spring and summer, they are perfect as a cheerful eye-catcher in the apartment. You can find candle wax paint, for example, here on Amazon. *

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