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Questions and answers about the income tax table

What is the difference between income tax and wage tax?

The wage tax refers to the taxes that are already paid when the salary is paid from non-self-employed work. Income tax is the tax that applies to all income. This also includes income from investments or rentals, etc.

How does the tax office determine the amount of wage tax?

The tax office relies on employers when it comes to wage tax. This goes so far that the employer is even liable if he has paid too little or no wage tax for employees. To check that an employer has paid the correct wage tax for its employees, the tax office compares the details of the taxable employees with those of the employer.

By the way: If too much wage tax has been paid, an employee can claim a refund from the tax office.

In which income tax class is there which exemption?

The basic allowance is applied to all income tax brackets. Furthermore, all employees in all tax brackets are entitled to child allowances, provided that children belong to the household. Single parents in tax class II are also entitled to a single parent tax exemption.

What are income tax tables used for?

Income tax tables are an overview of how high the net wage of an employee is after deducting taxes and duties. All necessary deductions based on the income tax rate have already been made in the income tax table. So-called wage tax calculators and salary calculators are increasingly replacing the tabular breakdown.

Who needs income tax tables?

Income tax tables are a service that is just as interesting for interested employees as it is for employers who are obliged to pay income tax. A wage tax table helps the latter in particular to pay the correct amount of wage tax for employees. But employees can also use the wage tax tables as a guide. For example, to check whether sufficient or even too much wage tax has been paid for them.