How is everyday life supported on earth

Our earth, our climate
Cardinal Schönborn also supports the climate popular initiative

To secure the quality of life of the people on this planet - the climate popular initiative can be supported from June 22nd to 29th.

For years, our Cardinal Christoph Schönborn has been campaigning for the preservation of our common home, Mother Earth, in line with Pope Francis' environmental and social encyclical "Laudato si". “One concern is moving more and more people: How is the global climate developing?

No one is exempt from this: heat waves, forest fires, droughts, floods, ”emphasizes Cardinal Christoph Schönborn:“ From the Arctic to the tropics, humans and animals feel the sometimes devastating effects. How will it look for us in the next few decades? End of winter sports? A climate like in Africa? Or will everything not be as bad as some fear? ”Schönborn continues:“ Hasn't there always been climate change? What can each one of us do? Do we even have the opportunity to influence the global climate?

There is one thing we can certainly change: our own attitude. Nothing can be taken for granted! Neither water nor air, nor the necessary rain at the right time. We should be grateful for all of that. Let us be careful with the piece of earth entrusted to us by God. And let's never forget: We are only guests on earth. Let us leave them to our descendants as worth living. This attitude at least changes our own life for the better. "

The world climate is in dire straits. Many researchers and politicians agree that drastic measures are necessary to ensure the quality of life for people on this planet. But the steps are slow.

The popular initiative for the climate wants to increase the pressure so that CO2 emissions in Austria decrease instead of increasing as before. The eight detailed requirements include climate-friendly mobility and eco-social taxes. Support is possible from June 22nd to 29th at the municipal or district office as well as with a mobile phone signature.

Our Cardinal Christoph Schönborn shares the concerns of the 700 volunteers in the Climate Initiative Team as well as the Catholic Action and many other Catholic personalities and groups. The evangelical bishop Michael Chalupka also supports the cause.