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Categories: Aim

Text version: Those who do not honor the path are not worth the goal!

Categories: NeighborsHumanFeatBloodDay

Text version: My 5-year-old neighbor is currently singing: "I'm not Sabine, I'm a person made of flesh and blood" I'm starting the day well!

Categories: face

Text version: Can you bring me this air chocolate, please? Air chocolate? I can blow cocoa powder in your face, you have "air chocolate"!

Categories: Valentine's Day

Text version: For everyone who is alone today on Valentine's Day .. .. don't be sad, nobody loves you on the other days either!

Categories: Karma

Text version: If someone hurts you, keep calm and calm. The karma will take care of that.

Categories: NeighborWoman

Text version: Neighbor wants to go out with his wife today ... fly a kite

Categories: WomanHungerCat

Text version: The woman is hungry. To what extent this affects me I have not yet understood. She keeps repeating it. It is becoming more and more like the cat!

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