Can I drink pee while having sex

Compulsory Program: These 4 things you should ALWAYS do after sex

1. Go to the bathroom

We often can't avoid going to the bathroom after sex. Because usually the bladder presses afterwards. This is because part of the urethra is stimulated by the thrusts of the penis during sex, which causes us to have to go to the bathroom.

Going to the bathroom after sex is important for another reason: it will flush out any bacteria that can lead to cystitis. Women who are prone to urinary tract infections should keep this in mind.

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What many women do not know, however: A filled bladder can even increase the fun of sex, as it presses against the vagina from the inside and the gentle "holding" activates the pelvic floor. As a result, sex is perceived by many women as even more pleasurable and intense. However, you should test yourself whether a full bladder is comfortable for you during sex. The urge to urinate shouldn't be so strong that you can only focus on it.

Interesting for everyone who wants to have children: Going to the bathroom after sex does not reduce the chance of getting pregnant. Because no matter whether lying down or peeing - the probability that the egg will be fertilized is the same.

2. Cuddle

Have sex, roll away, fall asleep - the cliché that men don't cuddle after sex holds up well. But many women also belong to the camp of anti-cuddle opponents. You also? Then you should change that from now on! American researchers from the University of Toronto Mississauga have found that post-coital cuddling improves relationships over the long term.

Just 15 minutes of cuddling after sex ensures that both partners are more satisfied. While we women feel more connected to our partner through the caresses, men find the sex life more satisfying. So cuddling after sex is a real win-win situation!

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3. Think about sex

Sounds mundane: But it's important that you think about sex. If it was great, then ask yourself what made it so good. Make a note of which position you found particularly beautiful or what was particularly good about the situation. Reliving positive things in your mind is a psychological trick that will help you be generally happier and more satisfied.

But it could also be that the sex was just ok or maybe even bad. Even then, you should get to the bottom of the feelings. Maybe you just didn't feel like it? Was the foreplay too short or the sex too rough? Or did you even have pain? After sex, making it clear what you found good and what you didn't like will help you improve your sex life. Which leads straight to the fourth thing you should do after sex ...

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4. Talk about sex

If the sex was amazing and your partner gave you complete satisfaction, tell him so. We all like to hear when we've done something well. According to sex therapists, speaking openly about sex strengthens the bond with the partner and improves sex life in the long term. Incidentally, this also applies in the opposite case - namely when you did not like something during sex.

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Important if you express criticism: Be sensitive and report your feelings without blaming your partner. Sentences like, "You came too early" or "I couldn't orgasm because of you" should be avoided. Instead, try to describe empathetically but honestly what it was like for you and how we can improve together in the future what didn't feel so good. That works with sentences like: "I like the way you do XY. It would be even nicer for me if you would do XY."

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