Can i travel alone i'm 13

Vacation abroad without parents

The legal representative of the minor determines his / her place of residence, insofar as the care and upbringing of the minor requires this. As a rule, therefore, the parents of a young person determine whether they are allowed to travel alone.

The Youth protection laws of the holiday country. In order to avoid misunderstandings during possible controls, the parents the adolescent onewritten confirmation with your name, address and telephone number, with which you declare that you agree to the trip. This confirmation should be a Copy of the birth certificate of the minor and one Copy of the passport be affiliated with the legal representative. The permission of one parent is sufficient.

Information about the youth protection law of the holiday country is available from the embassy or consulate of the respective country.


On the website of the Ă–AMTC you can find templates for the declaration of consent.


The e-card or, for trips outside the EU, the holiday sickness certificate, should be packed. The responsible health insurance company can provide more information. On the website of the umbrella association of social insurance agencies, there are links to order a vacation health insurance certificate from various social insurance agencies.

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Last updated: February 4, 2021

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