Who never inspires you

What music are you listening to right now, and what inspires you about this music?

I thought about whether there are people who can't do anything with music, who can't find anything in it, who don't understand the meaning of music at all and in whom music simply doesn't trigger anything.

Ultimately, it is the same with all other things. For example, there are people who play sports or who love it and then there are people who just hate it or in whom it does not trigger any feelings of happiness and who ask themselves how one can do this voluntarily. And even with things that are actually natural, such as the sex drive, there are still asexual people who have no sexual feelings ...

But somehow that doesn't seem to be the case with music. I have never heard of someone who does not listen to music or who generally says that they do not like music or are not interested in it and have nothing to do with it. The question is always: "What kind of music do you like to listen to?" or "What is your taste in music?", but the question "Do you listen to / do you even like music?" doesn't seem to exist at all.

Do you know what I'm getting at? I just wonder if there are people who don't have a hint of interest in music, where absolutely nothing is triggered when music is playing somewhere. People for whom, for example, the background music in a film has absolutely no influence on the effect of the scenes. People who cannot understand why music evokes emotions in others or why someone listens to a song, sings or similar ...

And if there are such people, how does music feel for these people? What is Music for her if not what it is for all of us?

Maybe the question is stupid, but I find it very interesting and I look forward to the answers!