Can I switch from Accenture to CTS?

The business model of the large energy suppliers is being put to the test due to the stronger focus on small-scale regenerative energies. The conversion to renewable energies costs a lot of money - money that the energy suppliers no longer have in abundance, not least because their profit makers, the nuclear power plants, have collapsed. “The existing customer base is one of their greatest assets. It would not be wise to put this at risk unnecessarily. "

The survey on the willingness to switch and the satisfaction of Accenture's electricity customers is part of a global study; a total of 11,154 people in 21 countries were surveyed. It also became apparent that, compared to their neighbors, many Germans still know little about new technologies for saving electricity.

How to compare correctly

Smart meters, for example, i.e. intelligent electricity meters that record electricity consumption every minute, are known to very few consumers. The federal government expects a lot from the new technology. Every house builder has been obliged to install such a device since 2010, in order to save electricity and take into account the low flexibility of renewable energies.

But the survey shows: 48 percent of Germans do not even know the term smart meter, 28 percent have at least heard of the technology, but do not know what exactly it is. In other countries, citizens are more informed: in Canada only 16 percent of those surveyed don't know what to do with the name, in the UK only 12 percent.

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