What does boujee mean in slang

What does "bougie" mean? Meaning and use


Someone was called a "bougie" and you don't know what that means? We'll tell you what's behind the term and how you use it.

That means bougie: snobbish, boastful

The term "bougie" is derived from the French term "bourgeoisie", which is a term for the upper middle class or the "ruling social class". Today one would rather speak of the middle class. In English slang, the term was shortened to "bougie" and denotes pejorative people who brag about money or supposed wealth.

Origin of bougie

The French term "bourgeoisie" has been around since the 19th century and is likely to be familiar to one or the other from school. Often in opposition to the "proletariat", that is, the upper bourgeoisie in relation to the working class. The term "bourgeoisie" is burdened with many clich├ęs, primarily that of the snob.

The abbreviation "bougie" has been used as an adjective in everyday English since the 1970s. The expression denotes depreciatingly rich and elitist people who can be assigned to the upper class or who present themselves as such. "Bougie" is associated with arrogant, boastful and haughty behavior.

Bougie vs. boujee

Including the song "Bad and Boujee" by Migos feat. Lil Uzi Vert is also the deliberately misspelled version of "bougie" in circulation. "Boujee" has a positive connotation and describes a luxurious lifestyle, but in a more enjoyable sense. "Boujee" means that the person is not arrogant or boastful, but savoring the wealth they have earned themselves to the full.

While "bougie" is more likely to refer to Wannabe rich and poser, someone who is "boujee" has stayed on the ground. A person who is "boujee" still has contact with his hood and his roots.

This is how you use bougie

You can use the term "bougie" yourself when someone acts up about material things and is ignorant of rlStruggles. "Bougie" has a negative impact on it. If you just want to describe someone who shows his wealth without being judgmental, you can also write "boujee".

Orally, however, this makes no difference, as both are pronounced the same. Since "bougie" and "boujee" are derived from a French term, the "g" or "j" is used as in "genius".

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