What are the best crowdsourced crowdfunding websites

14 Swiss crowdfunding platforms in comparison - you should know them

With crowdfunding you can both build a community and collect money. This alternative form of financing is therefore of interest for many projects.

There are around 40 crowdfunding platforms in Switzerland. It is not easy to keep track of things. We introduce you to the most important crowdfunding and crowdlending platforms to raise money for your project.

1. Lokalhelden.ch - the free crowdfunding platform for local projects

The trilingual platform was launched by Raiffeisen in 2016. It is aimed at associations, organizations, partnerships and private individuals with charitable or non-commercial projects in Switzerland. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, it requires no fees and is therefore available to everyone free of charge. In addition, it is the only platform on which you can have money as well as money Helpers and material donations can collect.

Selected projects are also financially supported by the local Raiffeisen bank. Swiss youth ski projects receive up to CHF 2,000 from the Raiffeisen youth campaign.



2. wemakeit.ch - for crowd support projects

wemakeit is the largest Swiss crowdfunding site and was founded in 2012. It is aimed at all possible project starters such as individuals, young companies and organizations. Since the platform is in four languages, international projects can also be implemented.

3. Crowdify - for start-ups and cultural projects

The Crowdify platform is aimed at cultural campaigns and start-ups for which money can be raised. Crowdify was launched by the Swiss newsletter publisher Ron Orp. Concept ideas benefit from being mentioned in this newsletter.

4. I care for you - for social and humanitarian projects

From development aid to animal welfare to integration: non-profit organizations and committed private individuals can start their project at I care for you. A competent board of trustees advises and supports the implementation of crowdfunding.

5. Cashare - for personal and business loans

In 2008, Cashare was the first Swiss crowdlending platform. The focus is on crowdlending. In this form of financing, sole proprietorships and SMEs are brought together with investors and lenders.

6. Swisspeers - crowdfunding for companies

Swisspeers is an independent crowdlending platform that allows companies in Switzerland to raise outside capital directly from investors - i.e. without the intermediary of a financial institution. With crowdlending, Swisspeers offers private and corporate investors the opportunity to make interesting direct investments in small and medium-sized corporations.

7. C-Crowd - crowdfunding for start-ups

C-Crowd is a crowd investing platform and is aimed at innovative start-ups looking for investors. Interested parties can already become co-owners of a start-up company with very small contributions. The site works with various well-known partners who support the meeting of donors and companies.

8. I believe in you - crowdfunding for sports projects

I believe in you was co-founded as a startup by two top athletes and is aimed exclusively at sports projects in Switzerland. From amateur sports to professional sports, from individual athletes to teams and clubs, you can find everything here. The startup works with large companies who donate a small starting amount to each project.

9. Startnext - the German giant

Creative projects that are dedicated to the entire German-speaking area are exactly right on Startnext. The first and at the same time the largest German site is aimed at crowdsupporting projects of all kinds. Its fee model is structured in such a way that each supporter can decide for himself how much he wants to pay to the platform. Startnext is now also available in Switzerland; it can also be collected in Swiss francs.

10. Crowdhouse - crowdfunding for real estate

Crowdhouse is fully committed to real estate projects in Switzerland, making users co-owners of properties. The site was founded in 2015, the main shareholder is the Luzerner Kantonalbank. In 2016 the company received the Swiss Fintech Award.

11. Splendit - for students and further education

Splendit focuses exclusively on financing training. Students and people interested in further education have the opportunity to get in touch with investors here. For investors, this offers an alternative and new type of sustainable investment.

12. loanboox. - for cantons and municipalities

In 2015, Stefan Mühlemann came up with the resourceful idea to enable crowdfunding also for Swiss cities, cantons and municipalities. Together with his team, he enables this target group with the help of loanboox. a broad network of potential institutional investors.

13. Kickstarter - the international giant

Kickstarter, based in the USA, is the world's largest platform in the field of crowd support. Countless projects of all kinds cavort on Kickstarter, especially with an international focus. In the past 10 years, more than $ 4.4 billion has been raised for over 160,000 projects.

Project starters are particularly suitable for young initiators. People between 18 and 28 years of age only pay a fee of 5% on the collected amount. The crowdfunding platform was founded in Solothurn in 2011.

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