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Do you finally long for the right partner, preferably to find your soul mate? Have you tried everything but it just hasn't got the desired results? Of course there is no recipe for anything in life, and certainly not for love. However, certain attitudes and behaviors help you find the right partner, while others tend to hinder it. A piece of wise advice that you must have heard many times is: love yourself, be happy with yourself before looking for a partner. Somehow that's true. Only when I met my husband 30 years ago at the age of 21, I was anything but at peace with myself and loving myself, I was far from that. This shows that love follows its own laws. In this respect, you can apparently do everything right and yet have not yet met the right person. When I met my husband, I had some disappointments behind me. So I decided to stay alone rather than come to terms with a halfway tolerable relationship. Because that would have felt like betraying the depths of my love. I understand well if you would rather take "any" partner than be alone, but then of course it is not surprising if your relationships turn out to be difficult and do not last long. It's funny: when we're alone, we think we're happier when we finally have a partner. However, experience shows that most people are not really happy in their relationship and constant arguments use up their energy. So if you want to be really happy, it is not just a matter of finding a partner, but the right one. But even that is no guarantee of a happy relationship. Many people have the right one, just don't realize it, overlook the gift by not really appreciating their partner.

In order to attract a wonderful relationship and to be happy with each other for a long time, you need the ability to love deeply, to be able to keep an eye on the beauty of your partner even after the initial fall in love, to empathize with your partner, love over righteousness and not falling into nagging. Love demands your whole effort. The most important thing, whether or not you have a partner, is the ability to truly love, innocently open to love in its purest form, free and unencumbered. This way of loving is shown in the love for life, for existence and in selling love for nothing, neither for your pride, nor for your tendency to want to be right. Love goes far beyond finding your life partner. Attracting the right partner, like a long-term happy partnership, largely depends on how willing you are to reflect on your own behavior and how much you can love.

What is love in itself worth to you and, above all, what are you ready to give for love? How ready are you to work on yourself, how open are you? How much can you indulge in love, love innocently like you've never been hurt? When you have some relationships behind you and are wounded, it is important to heal those wounds. Because in order to live a really happy new partnership, you have to openly and vulnerably surrender to love again, even at the risk of not being able to survive another disappointment. Of course, you have to look carefully and differentiate and not open yourself up to every potential partner, especially not someone who is obviously not good for you. But love always remains a risk, even if you have found the right one. It asks you to go beyond your comforts and your desire to be invulnerable.

How much your potential partner will love you
and how loving your relationship will be
depends largely on your ability to love
and how much you are willing to give for love.

There are moments when it is important to give everything to love and not give in to your comforts. Of course, it is important not to give up and be treated badly. Is that different with you? You are free inside and ready to love and you want nothing more than a partner, but you don't understand the world why he still doesn't just step into your life? Then investigate whether unconsciously old beliefs, fears, and false expectations prevent just that. You might think: the good men / women are all married. Nobody wants me anymore because I have children. Men prefer young, attractive and particularly slim partners. Women only want men with money and who represent something. As long as you haven't worked through old wounds, use the time to heal these wounds and enjoy life. Even if that's not the condition for getting to know the right partner, it can't hurt. In any case, you have better chances and make sure that you don't slip from one difficult partnership into the next and that you don't repeat old relationship patterns so quickly. What is hindering and burdening you? Are you afraid of being rejected, of not being attractive enough, of not being enough, or of experiencing disappointment again? Dare anyway.

If you are convinced that it is difficult
To find the right partner, make yourself aware:
You don't have to live with a million men or women
and find you attractive, but only one.

That's doable. Above all, make yourself aware of your unconscious resistances. It is important to be at peace with your previous partners, to clean up your relationship. Use the time you are alone to reflect, to learn, to grow and to question your relationship behavior lovingly and kindly, without criticizing yourself. The most important thing is the law of attraction and that of cause and effect. What you send out comes back to you. If you sow love, you will reap love. Give your love to people, send out love.

If you put love above everything in the little everyday things,
do you have a good chance of not only getting to know a great love,
but to be able to live for many years.
How many loving seeds you sow every day
decides how great the love you meet will be.

The principle of seeds is a law of nature, and so is that of attraction. So pay attention to what you are sending out. In general, try to avoid resentment, bitterness, hatred, and anger when dealing with others. Sow seeds of love whenever and wherever you can. Start with the little things, the everyday encounters. And when your seeds sprout, one day you will wake up in the wonderful garden of a great love. Give away love wherever it is possible for you in everyday life!

My tips for you:

1. Take 100% responsibility for your relationship life. Don't blame anyone else for difficult experiences, disappointed relationships, and old injuries. Recognize your own part in it and learn from it. Make yourself aware that you have helped to shape these relationships with your thoughts, feelings and actions and that you have to change something if you want to achieve a different result this time, i.e. if you want to live a happy relationship.

2. Do you always choose the wrong partners, prefer those who are not good for you? Check your image of men or women. Ask yourself why you are punishing yourself by finding partners who will hurt you. Isn't a partner who really loves you more attractive? Realize that the attraction to partners who are not doing you good lies in self-punishment and a lack of self-respect. Open up to a different quality of relationship. Change your image of men or women. If you're still habitually magnetically attracted to the wrong partners, don't reach out. Rather give partners who are good for you a chance, even if you may not find them all that attractive at first.

3. Delete your "relationship hard drive". Be really open to a new partnership. Free yourself from old experiences and relationship patterns.

4. Ask yourself what beliefs and behaviors stand between you and love? Let love be more important than your comforts, than your pride, than wanting to be right, than being invulnerable and independent. Give love all power in your everyday life too. And above all, dare something. Get out of your snail shell.

5. The most important thing is: sow seeds of love wherever you can. Be loving with all the people you meet and with yourself. The more love you give away, the faster you will attract your soul mate and experience love in your partnership.

6. Go out, post an internet ad, do something. It is important not to act doggedly, but playfully. Do something, but don't try to force anything. Even if everything is unsuccessful, you have sent corresponding energies into the world that will eventually have an effect.