Why don't soldiers wear sneakers?

armor Update on the armed forces combat shoe system Release date

The soldiers of the Bundeswehr in the new system are said to have two pairs of heavy and one pair of light combat shoes. The change of boots for all soldiers should be completed by the beginning of 2022. Initial feedback shows that the new combat shoes have been well received.

When the more than 180,000 soldiers of the Bundeswehr get new boots, it means a lot of effort. The footwear must meet a large number of requirements. By the beginning of 2022, everyone should be fully equipped with the new combat shoe system. Then the 'combat shoe, in general' will be completely obsolete.

Make three out of two

The soldiers currently own two pairs of boots from well-known manufacturers. These boots, also known as “combat shoes, in general”, are being replaced by three pairs from the new combat shoe system Armed Forces, which takes individual foot shapes into account and thus increases wearing comfort. There will also be models for women and men. The soldiers receive two pairs of heavy and one pair of light combat shoes from the new combat shoe system.

Challenges for suppliers

Due to different sizes, models and stocks, a total of more than 1.1 million pairs of combat shoes are procured. This also means high production costs for the manufacturer, which cannot be met overnight.

Implementation on schedule

The plans envisage that soldiers who mainly work in field suits should be fully equipped with the combat shoe system by the end of 2020. With around half a million pairs delivered so far, this is proceeding according to plan.

Change is already in progress

Over 160,000 soldiers already have one of the new pairs of 'combat shoes, heavy' in addition to their previous combat boots. The 'combat shoe, light' has already been issued to almost 32,000 soldiers. The previous combat boots of the 'combat shoe, general' should be used as long as possible. Only then will they be replaced by the 'combat shoe, heavy'. The fact that it will take until the beginning of 2022 for all soldiers to be fully equipped with the new footwear does not in any way affect the Bundeswehr's order fulfillment.