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How does the groom choose the right suit for the wedding?

Once the marriage proposal has been completed, things are ready to go planning the wedding. Not too late should the groom begin the suitable fashion for the big day to choose. In the extensive selectionthat is available nowadays is sometimes not that easy. Dominik Bachmann from the men's outfitter KENNER explains to you just like you the right suit for your wedding.

1. The groom's personality

At a Advice on wedding suit The first thing to do is to find out which clothing is best for you Personality of the customer fits. "We don't want to disguise or costumize our customers." You should be in your wedding suit good and sexy feel. Today, many men wear comfortable casual clothing both in their daily work and in their free time, and for many it is the first time that they have worn a suit. That's why it is all the more important that it sits well. This is the only way you will notice that a suit is not as stiff and constricting as you might think.

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In the consultation it is first found out whether the wedding is one specific topic is dedicated. Also the Location plays a role. If the celebration takes place in a knight's hall of a castle, a different suit fits, for example, in a barn of a farmhouse. Of course, care is also taken to ensure that the groom's suit matches the bride's wedding dress. One aspect that is far too overrated is that Shade of shirt. Many customers say that the bride told them that the shirt shouldn't be white, otherwise the dress would look dirty in the photos. Because mostly only the collar of the shirt and a finger's width of the cuff are visible, the shirt is never directly next to the wedding dress. If the shirt is beige, however, there is a risk that the shirt will look yellowed.

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Photo: Kenner Herrenausstatter

2. The cut of the wedding suit

At the Cut of the suit the silhouette is the most important parameter that must be observed. With a well-fitting suit, the rather corpulent or not very tall man also looks good in terms of the totality of the proportions. Fashion currents we don't follow suit with a tailor-made suit Of course there are tendencies regarding this Width of the lapel or Back length of the jacket. But you shouldn't be too guided by these guidelines. A look in the mirror reveals better what suits you than a look in a fashion magazine.

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Photo: Kenner Herrenausstatter

Three classic cuts

The classic suit is chosen most often. It is originally from England and used to be worn by men for riding. Wear today Men worldwide the classic suit at work, in everyday life and on special occasions. If you choose the combination of pants and jacket for your wedding, the following rules must be observed: The jacket has the shape of a frock coat, a single button and a semicircular hem on the back.

The classic look includes a white shirt with buttons and double cuffs and a tie. In addition, a vest and trousers in black or gray with vertical stripes and a cummerbund. Leather shoes should not be missing.

The smoking is considered an extravagant outfit for special occasions. Also from England, the suit was worn by gentlemen when they met in bars to smoke cigars. The black or blue jacket is cut straight and has no hem. A tuxedo traditionally includes a white shirt, black bow tie, vest, trousers and shoes.

The tailcoat was the most elegant piece of clothing in England, which was only worn on special occasions. The jacket is a frock coat, which is characterized by its lapels, the horizontal cut and the pointed skirts, as it is much shorter and open at the front. An ivory-colored vest made of piqué, a white bow tie, black trousers without cuffs and black shoes are indispensable.

Over time, too other clothing habits established in the wedding industry. Whatever you like is allowed! The classic colors are black, gray and blue. But it can also be more conspicuous, for example with a colorful or checked suit.

3. Buy or rent a wedding suit?

Yeah, you read that right - man can also rent a wedding suit. Still, don't be too tight! Unlike a wedding dress, a suit is not an investment that cannot be amortized. The man is well advised to have a suit made for him to wear later. Be it for a festive occasion or just the jacket combined with jeans or cotton trousers. Whether rented or bought, the suit should be from be good quality and fit perfectly.

The budget for the groom's suit should already be determined when planning the budget. Get advice from various providers: professionals who rent out suits, experts who sell them and tailors who tailor the suits, they all want only the best for their customers. Weigh what you can afford and which option suits you best.

4. Accessories for the groom

Both Accessories lies for the groom today the fly is clearly the trend. Men are often recommended - or they already want one themselves - to have one three-piece suit close. The vest (the gilet) emphasizes the solemn aspect. That fits Fly Perfect. Those who are less able to make friends with a fly are with one too Tie well dressed. Also Cufflinks are an important accessory. At the Pocket square it usually remains simple and is limited to a white and simple cloth that draws a clear, white line in the breast pocket. In the trousers there is either or. Belt or suspenders. Both are not possible or many experts are of the opinion that belt loops should not remain empty. Colored socks are quite allowed, however, from too wild, playful patterns discouraged. Mickey Mice have no business at weddings - at least not on the groom's feet or ties. Last but not least, the Shoes. Traditionally, the groom wears dress shoes in black, gray or brown. Nowadays, however, more is allowed. It's always great too a nice wrist watch.

5. Final advice to the groom

“Finally, I recommend making the appointment for a made-to-measure suit in between 3 and 6 months before the wedding to agree. Of course, our production is faster, but what is done is no longer a burden. " When it comes to the wedding, there are enough other details to be planned. With this schedule we are all relaxed and don't have to worry if the Suit sticks to customs one day longer.
"I wouldn't set myself too high goals when it comes to getting your own body into shape before the wedding." Losing a few pounds doesn't do any harm and only affects the waist size of the jacket and the waist size of the trousers. But if you run doggedly to the gym and at best swallow substances that promote muscle building, you run the risk of it Suit no longer fits properly in the chest and shoulder area. The same applies here: stay true to yourself and don't want to be someone other than what you can honestly be with your discipline.

Your suit has to be one thing above all else: yours Reflect personality. You should be able to clearly identify with your wedding look.

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Photo: Kenner Herrenausstatter

A bridegroom looks best when he is natural and authentic, not disguised and not contrived. When he's the man his sweetheart fell in love with and who you want to spend the rest of your life with.

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