What do Indian teenagers not know

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Young people in India and Germany

We visited Germany and were able to compare the young people in Germany with the young people in India.

German young people are much more independent than young people in India. In India they are very dependent on their parents. German adolescents do not always live with their parents. In Sankt Peter-Ording they live in the North Sea boarding school. In India, young people mostly live with their parents.

We also noticed that young people in Germany speak very freely and are well informed. They know a lot more and are better informed than in India. Germans are open to all topics and very honest with their children. In India, parents don't talk about everything to their children.

There are many restrictions on young people in India. For example, they are not allowed to come home so late. The Germans are freer there. But they are not allowed to do everything either.

Achievement is very important for German young people. In India, performance is not that important. In India, children also have more respect for their parents. It's different from Germany.

We think the lifestyle of young people in Germany is very different from that in India. That is why young people are very different in different countries.

by Ritika & Renuka