Which package for hospital during pregnancy

What women should consider for their stay in hospital

When a child is born, private supplementary hospital insurance for pregnant women can be worthwhile, as it guarantees better benefits. However, there are often stricter waiting times for taking out such a policy.

At the latest when the belly is growing noticeably, expectant mothers and dads start thinking about the upcoming birth of their baby. While for some it is only possible to give birth in a hospital, others still hesitate and also consider a birthing center or even a home birth.

If the delivery is to take place in the delivery room of a hospital or in a birthing center, it is advisable to register. Many clinics and birthing centers offer special information events to get to know the premises and the possibilities of childbirth support.

When the time comes, the statutory benefits in the hospital include everything “medically necessary”. However, this does not include accommodation in a single or family room in a childbed. If this is requested by the parents, they have to pay for it themselves as a private hospital service and, in the best case, express this request when registering.

What are the advantages of supplementary hospital insurance for pregnant women?

Depending on the type of room, amounts between 30 and 100 euros per day can arise at the time of the birth of the new citizen. How high the costs are depends on the hospital in question. This can usually be found on the hospital's homepage. However, if the parents have taken out private supplementary health insurance, they can bill this optional service for the hospital stay - and enjoy a little more privacy.

In addition, a free choice of hospital and treatment by the head physician is part of the supplementary insurance's catalog of benefits. Protection when traveling abroad is also often included.

However, it should be noted that with the introduction of the unisex tariffs, there are no tariffs of their own Supplementary insurance for women and thus for pregnancy there. Rather, it must entire service package of protection fit in such a way that the extras that are important for the policyholder are taken over during a stay in the hospital.

How long is the waiting time?

The Pregnancy theme However, is of particular importance in that with many insurers - in addition to the general waiting period of usually three months - a special waiting period for pregnancy of up to eight months. Services for this are then excluded.

Complete on time:

To avoid this, it is advisable to in time, i.e. as long as possible before the desire to have children becomes concrete, Supplementary insurance for hospital stays complete. The examination of health and lifestyle is part of the application for admission. It is important to answer all questions correctly.

If previous illnesses or, for example, cigarette consumption are concealed and the insurer learns about them in the event of a claim, the insurance cover may be lost in whole or in part. As a rule, the questions of the health examination go back five years. If there are previous illnesses, the insurer can exclude treatments related to these illnesses or insure them at a higher premium.