Should employees fear their CEOs

trust: Managers should respect employees as mini-CEOs

Konstanz (dpa / tmn) - Managers play an important role when it comes to good teamwork. Ideally, advises the Institute for Occupational Health Consulting (IFBG), superiors respect their employees as “mini-CEOs”.

What does that mean in concrete terms? According to the IFBG, managers should recognize the independence of their employees and give up control accordingly. You don't have to worry about losing leadership skills.

At the same time, the management level should actively offer the employees support and ask, for example, where exactly help is needed.

Communicate needs openly and transparently

On the other hand, the team is asked: It is best for employees to explain to their managers transparently and openly what they need in order to be able to work productively and healthily.

The team should also give their superiors some time for themselves. According to the IFBG, it is important as an employee to recognize that the boss must also promote one's own well-being in order to lead mindfully.

As the IFBG explains, leadership behavior can have just as much influence on the health of employees as diet or sleep, for example.

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