How can I refill a perfume bottle

Refilling perfume made easy

Refill perfume: background

You ask yourself: transferring perfume, but how? Regardless of whether you are partying all night or flying on vacation - in some situations we would like to have ours Have your favorite fragrance with you without having to carry the whole bottle with you. Especially when traveling by air, there is also a regulation that only allows a certain amount of liquid. You can find the best tips on perfume in hand luggage in a special article.

How can I decant perfume?

Don't worry: refilling perfume is quick and easy. Provided you are well equipped. What you need:

  1. funnel
  2. Perfume atomizer

Atomizers come in different sizes. These are small containers that you can easily carry in your pocket. They have a screw-on spray button so you can have the scent of your choice spray at any time can.

Your advantage: With a funnel you can transfer your perfume from the main bottle to the perfume atomizer without spray losses. To do this, simply place the funnel on the screwed-on atomizer and spray your perfume into the funnel.

You can dose yourselfhow much of your fragrance you need for on the go or for your luggage. The is ideal for hand luggage Take several perfume atomizers with you so that you smell good through the vacation come

Buy perfume refilling equipment

You ask yourself: Where can I get mini funnels plus atomizers? Those who prefer to shop in virtual shopping carts will find, for example, at Amazon attractive offers. You can get three atomizers plus pipette from Melliex for less than 8 euros. Of course, you can also find a large selection of other items for filling perfume on Amazon.

Drugstores like Rossmann and DM or Douglas regularly offer perfume accessories. Just look around or ask specific questions. At Douglas there is often the option of having certain fragrances refilled (e.g. Alien from Mugler) when your bottle is empty. Thereby are you saving money compared to buying a new fragrance.

Alternatives to decanting perfume

Pouring perfume straight from the bottle into the atomizer is tricky. Depending on the spray button and skill, a lot of liquid is lost. So you either create a large cloud of scent in the room or your fingers smell like a perfume bath.

Trick: Who doesn't Funnel at hand can also use a disposable syringe for filling. Get this for under one euro in the pharmacy or sometimes free of charge at the family doctor.

Can I simply unscrew perfumes for decanting? Yes and no. Depending on the bottle, this can turn into real fiddling. You can try using a knife or scissors to pry open the cuff on the spray head and separate it from the neck of the bottle. This possibility comes into consideration especially if the spray head is already defective.

Does decanting affect the fragrance?

No. The fragrance does not lose its strength due to the brief air contact when decanting. However, you should be careful if you Perfumes open without a cap stored. Due to the high alcohol content, they are protected from fermentation so that they do not go bad. However, it can happen that the Fragrance components weakened and dissipate already in the air.

Take a fragrance test now: which perfume suits me?

Great information on a great one Date fragrance for your next rendezvous here. You can also find out from us in which categories you Apply perfume correctly to make it last a lot longer. So that you have something of your refilled fragrance for a long time, watch everything Shelf life of perfume at.

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