Other baby animals have umbilical cords

Do chickens have a belly button?

Smart asses know: everyone has a belly button - and that from birth. Babies are connected to their mother by an umbilical cord in the womb. During pregnancy, the baby receives the nutrients it needs to grow up from its mother via this "supply cable". After the birth, the umbilical cord is cut, the scar heals and becomes the belly button. And navel can have a wide variety of shapes: disappearing inwards, turning outwards, being round or narrow - and sometimes fluff collects in them ...

Cats, dogs, rabbits, cows, pigs - all of these animals actually have a belly button. This is true of the vast majority of mammals. Like human embryos, animal embryos are connected to their mothers by an umbilical cord. The group of animals with a navel is called Placenta animals. The placenta is an organ that the mother - whether human or animal - forms during pregnancy and which takes on important functions during this time.

But how about the chicks now?

Chickens are birds - as is well known, they are not mammals. Chicks are not connected to the hen mother, but grow in a fertilized egg. However, the chicks in the egg are connected to the yolk by an umbilical cord. Here, too, the chick receives all the important nutrients it needs to grow via the umbilical cord. And wherever there is an umbilical cord, there is also a belly button.

So chickens have a belly button. But it is only clearly visible shortly after hatching. It can no longer be recognized in the adult chicken.