Where was Noah's ark found

"Finding Noah's Ark is total nonsense"

Swiss Catholic Biblical Work on "Sensational Report":

Zurich, April 28, 2010 (Kipa) Protestant researchers want to have found the remains of Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey, various media reported on Wednesday, April 28. "Outright nonsense," responded the Swiss Catholic Biblical Works in Zurich. Sensational reports based on the motto “And the Bible is right after all” are still booming.

As reported by the free newspaper “20 Minuten”, among others, Protestant researchers from Turkey and China claim to have found the remains of the ship on Mount Ararat at around 4,000 meters above sea level, on which, according to the Bible, Noah and his animals escaped the Flood. According to the newspaper report, the 15-person team is 99.9 percent certain that the multi-part wooden construction is Noah's ark. Radiocarbon dating determined the age of the wood particles to be 4,800 years.

It is regrettable, so the biblical work in its statement, that the "truth" of this mythical human tale has to be tied to an old piece of wood. The enlightened contemporary also wonders "how one can find a mythical ship". Such mythical tales of the flood, like one found in the Bible, exist worldwide, continue to write the biblical work and refer to his publication on the tale of the flood in the magazine "Bibel heute" (July 2007 edition).

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