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Tarot cards are an ancient fortune telling tool. Its origin has always been a mysterious legend. Many experts in the study of the occult are trying to find a clue. A tarot card is a tool for analyzing, predicting, and providing suggestions for people, events, and things. This definition is precise and straightforward. It is widely recognized by the tarot community.

Lately, many tarot lovers cannot go outside or meet their friends to play it because of the Covid-19 virus. Hence, free online tarot reading is becoming increasingly popular. Next, we are going to teach you how to do a free online tarot reading and introduce you to some useful tarot online reading game websites.

1. What is the tarot?

Tarot cards are an ancient tool for divination. There are a total of 78 tarot cards, including 22 major arcana cards and 56 small arcana cards. They can be used separately for divination, or 78 cards can be shuffled together for divination. It is worth noting that tarot cards do not refer to a fixed card. In fact, there are many types of tarot cards, at least thousands, but most are actually from the three main tarot systems in the world. Choose one of the tarot cards to learn and after mastering it, you will be able to choose your favorite tarot cards to study.

2. How to play tarot

Step 1. Open your tarot box.

Step 2. Mix the cards thoroughly. Before any speculation, the questioner must perform the shuffle action and shuffle the cards as they wish.

Step 3. Cut the cards. After shuffling the cards, stack the cards and place them horizontally. Then the questioner cuts the cards. Cut the cards into three piles, then put them back on top of a pile.

Step 4. Select the card. Choose the card array based on the questions the asker wants to ask and let the asker select cards.

Step 5. Open the card. Open the cards in the card array one at a time. Now that you've spiced up the cards, you're ready to start reading. If you don't know how to read the map, please see the next section.

3. Online tarot reading

Reading tarot cards is the practice of using tarot cards to gain insight into the past, present, or future by formulating a question and then drawing and interpreting cards. Reading tarot cards is a kind of cartomancy.

Some people bought a set of tarot cards, but in the last step they didn't know how to interpret it. In this situation, you can take an online tarot reading. This section teaches you how to read the online tarot.

Step 1. Determine the reading format of tarot cards. Reading an online tarot can be done in a number of ways: via email, video recording, Skype, Facebook, instant messaging and even through your website's guest book or blog comments.

Step 2. You can choose some people to read the tarot online or use some websites to read the tarot with tarot.

Step 3. You can find some useful websites like Psychic Source, Keen. If you need other websites you can read "The Best Tarot Card Readings Online".

4. How to ask a tarot question

Before using tarot cards for divination, you must first confirm the questions you want to ask. However, how to ask a good question is not as easy as you might think. The four most common categories are love, academics, career, and wealth. Next, I'll introduce the tarot questioning skills and questioning.

1. The question should be clear and specific

Tarot cards are divination and solve specific problems. One question equals one answer. In addition, its timeliness is not particularly long. Usually 3 or 6 months, the longest being around a year. So you can't ask the question, "What's my career like all of my life?" The tarot cannot give you an accurate, specific and clear answer. You should ask short-term or timely questions.

2. Be specific in what you ask

You may be dealing with what appears to be a big problem, but it can always be broken down. For example, instead of asking, "How can I get rid of money struggles?", You can ask, "Where can additional income come from?" or "How can I save more every day?"

3. Do not use tarot for ordinary and small things

Don't let the tarot make the decision for you, for example, "What shoes should I wear when I go out today?"

4. Tarot cards cannot predict the specific time or number

Tarot cards cannot predict specific time, scores, numbers, numbers, etc. Example: "What is the winning number for the next lottery?"

5. Precautions for Tarot Cards

1. Status

The most important thing first is to confirm that your body and mind are in a good and calm state before using tarot cards. Reading the tarot is a tedious task. You need to focus to understand the meaning of the tarot cards.

2. Tablecloth

You need to prepare a clean cloth and spread it on the table so that the card does not touch the table directly. A black tablecloth is recommended. The best fabric material is pure cotton or yarn.

3 times

Reading should be done during a quiet time, and it is best to ask the same question no more than once a day.

4. Place

Choose a secret location, preferably not public, to maintain a peaceful atmosphere.

5. Mix

Before any speculation, the questioner must shuffle and shuffle the cards at will.


1. Is it correct to read tarot cards online?

Tarot readers are not 100% accurate. While they do their best to help you, sometimes even the most seasoned reader can misinterpret something.

2. What should a person consider when reading a tarot card?

You need to decide what your questions are so that you are ready to read. Your tarot card reader will not judge or criticize you regarding your questions. So don't worry. Work, the spiritual path, and moving are the most popular topics for questions.


This article will teach you in detail how to do tarot divination and how to read tarots online. Some websites that read tarot cards online are also recommended. If you want to do tarot card fortune telling but don't know how to read it, this article can help you a lot.

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