What is a passive aggressive breakup

What do passively aggressive people feel after breakups?


I've read a few topics on passive aggression here and googled half-dead and read a book about it too. but I still don't realize what these people are really feeling. Can you love? At first?
And especially - if the relationship is manipulated again and again in such a way that in the end you can only separate - How do you feel after a separation? Acknowledgment in the messed up Do you think it's always the victim, not acknowledged? I would really like to finish, let go, just be happy to have escaped this pressure (small taunts, no emotional closeness, conversations not possible which go into depth because there was "never a problem" anyway , Silence, pretend to be dead and you didn't even know why- the slightest criticism could lead to it. Etc. etc., emphasis again and again that you can do everything on your own and wouldn't actually be made for togetherness always the victim.) and my thoughts always revolve around "what has he ever felt - and what does he feel now that I'm gone?"

He practically initiated the separation by giving reasons (which were actually MY) why it did not work (but the separation was not pronounced literally, just basically pushed me to do it) and I had no more strength and said ok, then let's part. Everything factual. after that no contact, nothing.

Of course, I felt bad and I still feel good, it's been a week now, and we were together for almost a year.
Now he has already pushed me out of his life, and then he kicks in again by simply blocking me completely on Facebook as if I had died for him. I haven't done anything to him?!?! You feel like dirt after the breakup anyway and he kicks him again with something like that when you're already on the ground. as if I had separated myself and, best of all, had shitty him beforehand - I could understand something like that. for SELF-PROTECTION Because it hurts too much, but he wanted it that way. ?! So why such an exaggerated reaction to.

What is he feeling now? He's actually acting like he's the victim again. God, I would so much like to stop thinking about it!

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