Who is better Buddha or Jesus

Buddha and Jesus

Buddha, the head of Buddhists, and Jesus of Nazareth have many parallels. In this text we explain why the two religious founders are more similar than one might assume at first glance

They lived thousands of kilometers apart - and at very different times. But still the life of Buddha is amazingly similar to that of another founder of religion: Jesus of Nazareth. According to tradition, both of them wandered around as traveling preachers, had students and preached peaceful doctrine.

And the lives of both are accompanied by numerous miracles that begin at birth: Maria and Maya, the mothers, give birth to their sons virgins. With Jesus a star shines brightly in the sky and shows the three wise men the way to the manger, where they can offer gifts to the child. With Buddha, too, the sky shines in the splendor of numerous lights. And wise men predict a great future for him. But for all the similarities, there are also differences between the men.

Jesus addressed the poor most of all. Among his audience were the sick and whores and criminals avoided by their fellow citizens. Later his teaching in Rome first spread among the slaves. Buddha, on the other hand, himself a prince's son, mostly taught among the rich. So it is not surprising that the most important patron of Buddhism was Ashoka - a king who conquered almost all of India around 250 years before Christ. Thousands of holy places sprang up under him, and his messengers carried the teaching to the other countries of Asia.