The light-skinned North Indians are Aryans

Difference Between Aryans and Dravidians

Aryans versus Dravidians

People who live in North India are called Aryans, and those who belong to South India have been called Dravidians for many centuries. How and when this division of the Indians took place is questionable and indeed full of anomalies. The fact that there are differences in skin color and languages ​​made people believe in this dichotomy that was planted by the British to divide the Indian peoples so that they could easily rule over them.

It was in the interests of the British to split Indians based on race and they skillfully divided the Indians into two different races, saying that Dravidians were those living in southern India. They said the Dravidians were the original inhabitants of the country and they lived in all parts of the country until the Aryans came into the country from the north and pushed the Dravidians down so they were locked in the south while the Aryans did that Land ruled north and central India. Indians were believed that North Indians are descendants of Aryans while South Indians are Indians of Dravids. The fact that there is a significant difference in language, culture, art, and clothing between the tribes living in northern India and the tribes living in southern India, in addition to dietary habits, helped confirm this racial differentiation proposed by the British.

The caste system is believed to have arisen in India with the arrival of the Aryans who chose the classes Brahmins (priestly class), Kshatriyas (rulers or kings) and Vaishyas (business people) and left the lower category of Sudras (untouchables) to the Dravidians and the descendants of Aryans who were the result of a cross between Aryans and the local Dravids. In fact, there are many stories in Indian folklore describing wars between fair-skinned Aryans and dark-skinned Dravidians. The fact that the date of the Aryan invasion of India was around 1500 BC. Lies contradicts these stories, as most events in the Hindu religion took place well before this date.

We believed for centuries that the Aryans were foreigners who invaded India from Iran and southern Russia. They crushed Dravidians and pushed them down into the mountains and forests. However, this division of the Indians into Aryans and Dravidians is not valid and correct, as is evident from the latest findings brought to light by the archaeologists. The epic wars of Ramayana, in which the Aryans fought the devils of the south and then the Mahabharata and the epic battle between Pandavas and Kauravas, are believed to have occurred at least 7,000 years ago, well before the likely time of the Aryan invasion.

It is possible that European scholars who join the dichotomy of Aryans and Dravids did not understand the use of the word Arya, which comes from the Sanskrit language, and means the pure or the good. The swastika, adopted by the Nazis in Germany and claimed as their own symbol, is found in Hindu scriptures and credited with the Arya tribes living in ancient India long before the Aryans invaded India.

What is the difference between Aryans and Dravidians?

• The Indians were divided into Aryans and Dravidians by the British to suit their interests and easily dominate the country's population.

• It was easy to spread this dichotomy as differences between North Indians (Arians) and South Indians (Dravidians) were perceived.

• Aryans were fair-skinned, tall and spoke a different language than Dravidians, who were dark, short and Dravidian.

• Recent excavations have shown that the Aryans arrived in India much later (1500 BC), while Indian society was divided into castes before (around 7000 BC) ..

• European scholars who make history did not think much of the Sanskrit word arya, which means "pure" and "good".