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Use blind copy (BCC) in Mail on the Mac

Thomas Armbrüster, Halyna Kubiv

If people to whom a message has been sent should not see to whom the e-mail was also sent, enter the recipients in the "Blind copy" field.

Blind copy, sometimes also called BCC, i.e. blind carbon copy, is a possibility in Mail on the Mac to address several recipients with the same mail. It is considered good style to use blind copy when sending messages to people who do not know each other. This field is also used for recipients of mailing lists. So that no recipient of the e-mail is visible to others, leave the "To" field empty and insert all recipients in the "Blind copy" field. The recipients of such an e-mail only see a notice that the e-mail has been sent to "hidden recipients".

If Mail on the Mac does not show a field for blind copy, you can still change this in the menu bar. Under "Display" there is an entry "Blind copy", if there is a check mark against it, the field "Blind copy" will be available in every new mail. Alternatively, you can display the field directly in a new mail using the header fields at the top left.

With the blind copy in mail, the desired conversation or all mails can also be documented. In the mail settings in the "Compose" area you can forward yourself as a hidden recipient. To do this, tick the "Automatic" box, but in the drop-down menu you can choose between copy and blind copy.

By the way, it is also possible to send a BCC mail on the iPhone: In the window with a new mail, you tap on the line with the sender address change the standard sender account and, for example, send the e-mail from an alternative account.