How did you think babies were born

When the baby is not born

The last days of pregnancy are an exciting time. If the calculated due date is exceeded, waiting for the birth can also be stressful. Many parents-to-be then start to worry. As long as there are no particular problems, the child is most likely fine.

If a pregnancy has lasted for a normal length of time, it is referred to as a punctual birth. This means that the baby is born after about 40 weeks of pregnancy. If the child is born before the end of the 37th week of pregnancy, it is a premature birth. Premature birth carries various risks for the baby. If the birth is a little longer in coming, one speaks in Germany first of a missed date, then from the end of the 42nd week of a transfer. This is partly defined differently internationally.

About 60 out of 100 women have their child before or up to the calculated due date. Another 35 out of 100 will go into labor on their own within two weeks of the calculated date. However, it takes longer for about 5 out of 100 women.

The causes of transmission are mostly unknown. Sometimes it's familial. In women who have had a child well after the calculated date, a new transmission is more likely.

Birth after the 40th week rarely harms the child. Nevertheless, after the appointment has been missed, the doctor or midwife will check more frequently whether the unborn child is okay.