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Danger of failure: these are the 6 most difficult courses

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  1. physics
  2. chemistry
  3. medicine
  4. pharmacy
  5. mechanical engineering
  6. law
  7. Summary

1. Physics

The subject is at the forefront of the most difficult courses physics. The Diarrhea and dropout rates is very high in this subject. And there are good reasons for that: The subject matter of the physics course is very challenging. To come with here is analytical and abstract thinking required. If you don't have that, you hardly have a chance of mastering your studies, even with a lot of study effort. One of the contents of the course is theoretical physics, experimental physics and also mathematics, for example with differential and vector calculations.

Requirements for studying physics

Most universities do not have an NC for studying physics. This is mostly due to the fact that not many students dare to take this subject. The big hurdle is that complex mathematical and physical content. It is important that you get along with the learning material and understand it right from the start. Otherwise you don't have a chance to use the content later high level of abstraction to see through. So you need a lot Perseverance, because the material doesn't get any easier in the higher semesters either.

Alternatives to studying physics

If studying physics is not your thing, but you would like to put your analytical thinking and math skills to the test, there are a few similar alternatives. This includes:

  • mathematics
  • Computer science
  • engineering

2. Chemistry

In addition to physics is also chemistry one of the natural sciences included in the study particularly challenging are. The two subjects also have some overlaps, so you will also learn them in chemistry Physical chemistry know. Also are medicinal chemistry and biochemistry part of your studies. So you have to be familiar with all natural sciences.

Requirements for studying chemistry

There is no NC for chemistry studies, as there is for physics studies at most universities. So the prerequisites that you should bring with you relate more to yours Previous knowledge of chemistry, physics, mathematics and biology. In order to keep up with your studies, you should already have a certain level of knowledge in all subjects and, if necessary, one before starting your studies Attend preliminary course. In this way you can ensure that you are not overwhelmed at the beginning of your studies and only run after the material.

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Alternatives to studying chemistry

Depending on what focus Chemistry is more or less your thing, you could consider alternative courses. For example, they would offer themselves Biology or pharmacy.

3. Medicine

Also medicine is at the forefront of the most difficult courses. The learning curve is enormous: If you are not ambitious and disciplined from the start, you will not make progress with the subject matter and fail. The medical school is also characterized by its wide range of learning fields out. This includes Anatomy, biochemistry, physics and pharmacy. So instead of focusing on one field of study, you have to specialize in several subjects at the same time. You can also expect to study medicine time-consuming practical semester and you spend the final year of your studies in the hospital. There it will be decided in everyday clinical practice whether you are suitable for the profession of doctor. After completing their medical degree, many are still writing their doctoral theses and that requires a lot of organizational talent in addition to your day-to-day work.

The high learning effort in medical studies can be attributed to the fact that you have the Technical terms, disease progression, symptoms and treatment methodsthat you memorize during your studies that you can apply later. Because as a doctor, making the correct diagnosis is particularly important and determines the further course of the patient's disease.

Requirements for studying medicine

The medical school is restricted admission and the NC value is between 1.0 and 1.2. Since biology and physics are two of the subject areas in the course, you should be interested in and have a basic understanding of these areas. You should also have a high willingness to learn take with you, because the study is very time-consuming and you will have to work and learn a lot after your courses.

But it is also possible Studying medicine without a high school diploma. For example, if you have completed medical training and have a few years of professional experience in the field, you can apply to study medicine.

Alternatives to studying medicine

If the medical degree is too complex for you or if you are only interested in a sub-area of ​​medicine, there is also Alternatives to studying medicine

Recommended courses of study


Since the natural sciences are the basis of medical studies, it is also a good idea for you to study a subject from this area, such as Biology, chemistry or physics to study. Which alternative you study also depends on whether you are more interested in the technical or the natural sciences.

4. Pharmacy

ThePharmacy degree is just as difficult as medicine and can also be counted among the most difficult courses of study. Here isthe workload is particularly high And even if you have previously completed training as a pharmaceutical-technical assistant, you will have to catch up on a lot. The standard period of study in pharmacy is rather rare because you have alarge practical part in the course has. The students spend a lot of time in the laboratories. Similar to medicine, however, the drop-out rate is low: the large practical part motivates students to stick with it.

In pharmacy, you don't just needDiscipline and perseverance, but alsoPatience and skill for laboratory work. As a pharmacist, you have a responsible job that involves being responsible for the health of other people.

Requirements for studying pharmacy

The pharmacy degree isrestricted admission and the NC value is included1.4 and 2.4. You should expect a lot of work and have a lot of motivation for the course. For the experiments you needEnjoyment of laboratory work, curiosity and an analytical mindset. In addition, you should be enthusiastic about natural science subjects such as biology, physics and chemistry, which form the basis of your studies.

Alternatives to studying pharmacy

If you are interested in studying pharmacy, but not all areas are equally good for you, you can do the same as in medical studiesSub-areas to study. That would be special in pharmacychemistry, but alsobiology

5. Mechanical engineering

If youEngineer would like to become, the engineering courses are known for being among the most difficult courses.mechanical engineering is one of them. The diarrhea and dropout rates in this course are very high: In the first semesters,Sub-areas of mathematics, physics and other natural sciences dealt with in detail. Math creates the most problems here. Even high school graduates with a good grade point average have problems acquiring the subject matter. With the high study volume you will have problems dividing your own time management and also with the motivation it is often not as easy as you hope it will be.

After your studies you must be able tounderstand complex issues and apply them. You are involved in the design and production of machines and the requirements placed on machines are becoming more and more diverse and complex.Spatial thinkingis an advantage here.

Recommended courses of study

Requirements for a degree in mechanical engineering

The NC value for mechanical engineering is not very high at many universities and is included2,9. The course is also available at many universitiesadmission-free. The biggest hurdle in studying mechanical engineering is thathigh learning workloadthat awaits you in math and physics. You should plan your time well at the beginning of your studies so that you can keep up with the subject matter.

Alternatives to studying mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering is one of theEngineering courses and there are quite a few in this areaAlternativesthat you can study. This includes:

Further alternatives to studying mechanical engineering are:

  • production and logistics
  • New materials
  • Nano and production technology

At some universities it willMechanical engineering degree in English offered. This is useful if you are on theinternational market want to be active.

Recommended courses of study

6. Jurassic

law is also one of the most difficult courses. The consistent application of the expert opinion style, the dry memorization of legal conceptions and the subject-specific terminology make law one of the most difficult courses of study. In the exam as well as in the term papers and theses, for example, you have to Write reports and apply the memorized terms and theories to the respective case. The failure rates in the exams are correspondingly high. As far as the examination conditions in law are concerned, you should also be prepared for something: You have to take both state exams as a whole 19 five-hour exams deal with.

Applying the memorized terms and theories to a particular case is because you the legal way of thinking and good reasoning skills you train. That will be very important in your job.

Requirements for studying law

The law school is restricted admission and depending on the university, the NC value varies between 1.5 and 2.5. You should be able to think analytically, logically and abstractly and understand legal issues. In addition, communication skills and a rhetorical ability are important.

At private universities you have the opportunity Studying law without an NC. You can also study law without an NC at some public universities. There you should only note that it is a full law degree.

Alternatives to law school

If you're shying away from law school, there are a few here too Alternatives to the course:

  • Commercial law
  • Right to information
  • Legal management

With these courses you will specialize in one specific subject area. If you are passionate about the English language, some universities offer it Law degree in English at. In this way you can acquire additional language skills in the field.

Recommended courses of study


All information about the most difficult courses at a glance

  • Some of the most difficult degrees to have especially a lot of learning material, with others is the subject matter particularly demanding.
  • You should have enough for the most difficult courses time to learn as well as for the preparation and follow-up andgreat interest in this subject bring.
  • If you a Sub-area If you are interested in one of the most difficult courses of study, you have the option of doing this as alternative to study.