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Funding for young engagement - call for proposals PEP

The Organization Ashoka is currently looking for young people, who are committed to provide you with a special Program engagement with perspective - PEP to promote. Dennis Hoenig-Ohnsorg (Program management ASHOKA Germany for Youth. Talent. Program development) briefly introduces us to the funding program in an interview.

Ashoka employee Dennis Hoenig-Ohnsorg

Hello Dennis. Welcome to our funding blog. The Ashoka organization is not yet known to all of our readers. Briefly describe why you exist and what your goals are.

Ashoka is the first and the world's leading organization for the promotion of Social entrepreneurship. Ashoka identifies social innovations in 72 countries and supports those behind them 2,800 social entrepreneurs (Social entrepreneurs) as Ashoka Fellows in spreading their ideas.

Social entrepreneurs are people who with entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurial creativity at the Working solving a social problem. Ashoka's vision is a society in which every individual is encouraged and supported to contribute to solving social problems and shaping positive change - a Changemaker to be.

You are currently tendering the program “Promoting effectiveness with PEP”. What is it about, who can apply there and what support can you expect?

With the program "Engagement with perspective ”(PEP) Ashoka Germany now also wants young people to join Grants, Project funding and Advanced training support in their contribution to social change and create new perspectives for their work.

Until October 21 can be particularly effective projects at PEP for 3 x 5,000 euros apply. There is also a from Ashoka Impact coaching and the possibility of an experienced SAP employee as a Get a mentor at your side.

Information on the tender is available at www.pep-deutschland.de/projektfoerderung.

Anyone who wants to create sustainable and effective structures for their commitment can apply, if

  1. the project managers are no longer than 27 years old
  2. the use of the funds increases the social impact of the project in the long term
  3. the effect of the funding is documented.

Your tender says: Efficient. Transparent. Different. - What do you do differently than other sponsors?

Young people often start social projects with great enthusiasm and have enormous impact potential. But sometimes there is a lack of money. The right money is almost always missing. Most grants are tied to strict conditions that do not always meet the needs of those involved.

Hardly any sponsor enables e.g. Investing in building sustainable engagement structures, especially in young projects. For example, you always get money for printing flyers, but rarely for a good designer and the development of a CI. The same applies to professional legal advice, team coaching or the purchase of important software.

With the support of SAP, Ashoka can now finance what cannot be financed and thus create perspectives for sustainable and professional commitment. We have a budget of € 15,000 for project funding. We invest 100% of this money in the projects.

The budgets of competitions and their award ceremonies are mostly out of proportion to what ultimately arrives at the beneficiaries in the form of financial and non-material support. We have therefore decided to award the funding without an advertising budget and a media-effective award ceremony. Instead, we have our own No budget campaign develops that also communicates this offensively.

The Application effort we have kept it as low as possible. With us, only those who are supported should have effort. Part of the application is e.g. a Online questionnaire for references from the project environmentthat help us to identify the real needs of the applicant. We aggregate and anonymize this feedback and make it available to applicants. The application definitely has added value, even for those who cannot be funded.

What do you pay particular attention to when making your selection. What are the most important selection criteria?

We want to finance what no one else finances. You can apply to us with an investment proposal. Who can best explain us in it why meeting this need contributes to the greatest sustainable impact has a good chance. Typical for this are, for example, the Networking and training of multipliers to distribute the workload from a few to many shoulders, or the Introduction of good knowledge management instead of financing material costs for one-off events.

Not every application can be successful. In your opinion, what are the most common mistakes when submitting an application?

It's a bit like posting a job, it's just stupid when you look at the application that it is is standardized and not adapted to the tender has been. Our challenge for the applicants shouldn't be to rave about themselves too much, but theirs Reveal weaknesses - because we want to tackle them together with you.

With many tenders you only write what works and don't always look where it hurts. But "well meant" is not always "well done" and we invite applicants celebrate their mistakes - when they show us that they have learned from it.

Which funding tenders can we expect in the future?

We organize constant special training for young changemakers. Instead of professional speakers with standard formats, we bring them with us Professionals from practice together who want to effectively share their experience and knowledge - with young people who have high demands on their social impact.

In November we are awarding 7 PEP grants with which we do not support projects, but the committed people behind them. In addition to mentoring, training and access to Ashoka's social entrepreneurship network get the Scholarship holders also receive financial support to cover their living expenses.

The scholarship is therefore not a reward for what has been achieved, but dhe promotion of a promise of effectiveness. The applicants take their work to a new level within 12 months and we try to give them everything they need for it - because they don't earn less.

The profiles of the first 5 PEP scholarship holders you can find it at www.engagement-mit-perspektiven.de and if you always want to get the latest information, you should “follow” us at www.facebook.com/pepdeutschland.

Dennis, thank you very much for the interview

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